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  1. I'm looking for someone to fit a single UPVC window in a garden office (posh shed ) . The window aperture would need cutting out and then making good internally and externally. Can anyone recommend someone for this type of work?
  2. I'm looking for a plasterer to do an almost entire house re-plaster. I think it mostly needs a skim with only a couple of patches that might need a little more work to shore them up. It's 3 large rooms, 2 small ones and a small corridor. I'm looking ASAP as I've been let down by someone else and really need the kitchen plastering before I can install the new one which is being delivered next week! Nothing like a last min panic is there? :) I don't mind if the work is done in 2 jobs as the kitchen is an absolute priority but the rest can wait a bit. Job is in S9.
  3. Recommendation for a Sheffield House Clearance - https://sheffieldhouseclearance.co.uk/ A wonderful company. They turn up on time, do exactly what they say they will and when the job turns out to be bigger than they thought there was no quibbling or arguing over the quoted price, they just got on and did it. This job was awful and including having to scrape rotting clothes from a cellar floor and they have done an excellent job. I would recommend them to anyone.
  4. That's the thing, doing something because you are conditioned to do it rather than understanding why it's a decent thing to do (like holding a door for someone of either gender) surely removes any courtesy from the action doesn't it? And yeah, totally overthinking this one! If a guy tried to give up his seat for me I'd probably look around for the disabled or elderly person who I am clearly blocking getting to the seat!
  5. But still noone is able to say *WHY* it's a nice gesture! What is special about a women? Why wouldn't you give your seat up to another man (assuming he's not disabled etc), or why shouldn't a women give up her seat to a man? Can you please tell me what makes women more deserving of the seat than a man? It's just an absolutely ridiculous idea that somehow you are being a better person because you gave your seat to a woman...do the guys who do it go home thinking they are amazing or something? I genuinely cannot get my head around this.
  6. You are right. There are men on public transport who might be showing some chest hair and oh my giddy Aunt, I'm coming over all in a quandary just thinking about it let alone being close enough to touch it. I completely understand now why us ladies must have seats, my apologies to all you gents out there.
  7. But why? Do you think women are less able to stand than men? It's actually a quite insulting attitude to have towards women rather than being courteous.
  8. I find the idea of giving up your seat for a women bizarre and archaic. Why on earth would a women be less able to stand than a man? I'd instantly give up my seat for anyone who I thought needed it more than I regardless of their gender.
  9. Even if they are receiving money from Russians with links to Putin then there is no reason to stop that legally. It's not v much different from accepting money from people connected to Donald Trump for example. Putin is the elected ruler of Russia (how much is down to corruption and coercion we shall never know). Quite frankly all funding of political parties should be banned and all parties are funded from a shared pot that is given out based along party members, current MPs, number of candidates standing, vote share at last election etc, then we wouldn't have any conflicts of interests to discuss at all. ---------- Post added 19-03-2018 at 14:30 ---------- Except at this time there is no evidence to confirm it is a foreign power who is to blame... Last year the OPCW categorically stated that Russia had no stockpiles of nerve agents or any other chemical weapons and they had no realistic means of manufacture either. https://www.opcw.org/news/article/opcw-director-general-commends-major-milestone-as-russia-completes-destruction-of-chemical-weapons-stockpile-under-opcw-verification/ Whereas of course the UK has held both the means to produce nerve agents and has quite a large stockpile of them (only for 'defence testing' of course) just 8 miles from Salisbury... I still believe Russia is the most likely suspect, but how much of that is simply because I just can't believe our own government could be so corrupt and how much of that is actually evidence led?
  10. They are ok service wise. We use them a lot when travelling to Poland as well. They are an equivalent to Ryanair though really so you get what you pay for. It's fine for a short and cheap flight.
  11. I agree with the idea of what you are saying, that we do indeed need to be careful that people are not censored just for saying things others do not agree with, but there must always be a line. And it appears that Britain First have crossed that line. Inciting hatred is a crime in the UK and therefore people who are posting things that are likely to incite others to commit violence should not be allowed to air those views without consequences. I think in this case this is the right action, and I would happily support similar action being taken by extreme left wing groups if they also encouraged violence in a similar way. I can't think of any that do, perhaps PETA?
  12. Because they exchanged him. So they get their spy back and still end up killing the guy. Win-win. Although, someone was saying they wouldn't be surprised if his daughter was the actual target taken out by the british. Think about it, the daughter of a known traitor to Russia living in Moscow in a nice house and having a nice life...do you really think Russia would have let that happen unless there was a reason to do so? Perhaps she was a double agent and has been taken out by britain. Don't believe we are so much better than the Russians.
  13. Some IFAs have a profit sharing type arrangement. There is one I used to use until I decided to go it alone who tried to get me a certain percentage growth each 'period' (changes depending on risk etc) and if he failed then he didn't get his fee for that year whereas if he exceeded the target we agreed then he got a cut of the additional profit. Worked well for a time but I decided there was enough information online to no longer require his advice. Also, there are lots of different funds you can invest in and just a small amount of research will show you their current expected growth targets, their previous performance, the 'risk' in the fund (more risk often offers more potential profit but also more potential loss). I'm not sure why you would *need* an IFA for investment advice unless you are looking more at pensions which are more complex.
  14. That's a very honest reply. Thank you for that. I can understand how hard it could be to have societal 'norms' change seemingly so quickly. I think perhaps my generation and the next are more used to things changing rapidly and things becoming acceptable that weren't only a few years ago and vice versa so perhaps we can adjust more easily than older generations. That's not meant to read patronisingly or negatively. ---------- Post added 20-02-2018 at 13:02 ---------- Not really. I'd want my daughter to be happy with who she is. The only issue with being gay is when other people have the issue. If everyone just got over it then being gay wouldn't be any different to being straight. It's only an issue because people make it one.
  15. Even if they did is that an issue? Straight people tend to bring up their kids with an expectation they will be straight, in fact so does society in general. Is there an issue with people being gay? Because unless you want to argue that viewpoint then bringing your kids up to be gay cannot be an issue either...
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