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Apple Music (Streaming service)


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Anyone trying the free trial?


I have all my music on itunes always have for years so thought I would give it a go and really like it the radio stations and the way you can simply download what they are playing to your library and the huge catalogue I find excellent (I know other services offer this but like to keep all my music on itunes as I have an iphone and ipad)


However the problem is it seems to be incredibly buggy almost like a beta service.Thew main problem I get is it just wont stream you click on a track and it simply refuses to play at one point I went to the trouble of going through all their layers of support doing all the basic stuff re installs disabling virus protection ect only to be told after an hour they did not know what the problem was and would get back to me ,which they didnt but a few days later it started working agian and from reading the internet other people had the same problem so it looks like it was at their end after all.


I still get the problem intermittently along with music stopping for no reason really annoying.


I think it could be an excellent service but they really need to sort the bugs.


BTW its £9.99 a month after the freee trial.

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I am using the free trial at the moment with no problems at all, i plan to keep it when the trial ends and have already cancelled my Spotify account, the main reason is because on the Apple version i don't have to make playlists and 'make available off line' to listen to in the car, which i find a bit of a faff.

on the Apple version it just works, i went off iTunes years ago but i'm very happy with the Apple music streaming service at the moment and it is the same price as my old Spotify account.

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I've just started the trial too - not had any issues with it not playing though.


However I have to say the UI is not great - I much prefer Deezer (better than Spotify too). The Apple one has tiny controls for the play and stop button for example, and too many options are hidden behind the 'three dot' menus.


After the three months I'll probably go back to Deezer to be honest.

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Cheers for the replies.


On further investigation the streaming issues seem to be connected to the dns network.


Have changed to norton which seems to have solved it.


Also dont like the Spotify version at all maybe its because I can navigate itunes better but I find setting up playlists and generally using Spotify time consuming and fiddly.

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