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  1. They have tried the Drunk Tanks here which were partly funded by the NHS. i like the idea. it is still taking money from the NHS which isn't good but would ease the overworked staff at A&E.
  2. The feeders at the carpark at Heatherdene were removed by Yorkshire Water, folk used to top up the bird tables and it was nice to watch the variety of birds, but also squirrel and rats. the rats were quite bold and i imagine it will have been these which would have caused Yorkshire water to post notices asking 'Please do not feed the birds' There was in the past a lot of those nasty net type feeders hanging in the trees too, i used to take those down myself and empty the contents on the bird tables.
  3. They do my cake in and should definitely be banned.
  4. Mc means son of…he is the son of a mafia boss so i'm guessing thats the idea.
  5. I'm a bit surprised that Steven the Sheff Rapper doesn't get a mention here, being home grown talent. anyone not heard of him check out his X factor audition, he is like a bad version of Honey G, yep that bad.
  6. I felt shocking for a couple of weeks after the jab and had the lump under my left arm, i have had no problems with previous flu jabs.
  7. Happy Birthday John from me and our lass #15
  8. I love the Springwatch-Winterwatch programmes but can't stand Packam and Strachan with their childish double entendres, "we've had plenty of Beaver action tonight and you've all been watching on line" "oh look a black ****" ok it's a nature programme and there will be inevitable references to tits and what have you but it is blatant and tedious at times…or is it my dirty mind?
  9. Blooming birds are at it here every morning, how very dare they sit at the bottom of my garden singing from dawn till dusk!
  10. Limited prints will have a number, something like… 210 / 500 which would mean print number 210 of 500. open run prints have no number
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