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Naming and shaming (paedophiles)

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Something i saw on facebook this morning made me think.

I really dislike it when people share pictures of alleged paedophiles. Children should of course be protected, but this is the wrong way to handle it for a few reasons:

There is no evidence the alleged perpetrator is guilty

There is no evidence that he/she is the right person

It could lead to vigilante behaviour.

This behaviour may be directed at the wrong person, a perfectly innocent person could be attacked because they resemble a single image.

I believe the supposer images of Jamie Bulger's killers led an innocent man to be physically attacked a few years ago.

And i read a story online about a man who was reported to mall security for allegedly taking pictures of a woman's children, when he was infact taking a selfie of himself with a Darth Vader mannekin for his own son (who wasn't present). The woman shared this story on facebook, but the man was innocent.

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