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Maiori - Italy, have you been?

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We go to Italy soon and I was wondering if anybody has ever been to, or near to, Maiori?


Just looking for recommendations for things to do?


We've looked at taking a boat trip to capri, but €60 pp seems pricey, is that accurate?


Anyway, if by any chance I find somebody on here who has been, thank you in advance :)

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Family of mine are on holiday there (Amalfi) right now, despite the weather being fickle they love it, beautiful part of the world! Plenty to do and see although I can't give specific recommendations as I have only been to the North and to Puglia, one thing I can state with certainty though: Plan your evenings to be spent eating incredible food in restaurants from around 8PM until late.

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I think that is the port where most of the refugees/asylum seekers are entering Italy and being held in large tented camps.

Happy Holidays!


I doubt it.


It's more likely to be Sicily that is taking the brunt of it.


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Thanks guys.


I'm even more excited now :D

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