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  1. And then Vera's for a cheggburger on the way home.
  2. You're more likely to hear “wetch “
  3. Good god,Idon't believe it. Is that really you after all these years. How long have you Ben out? What nights they were back in the day. We really must try to meet up although I’ve not been to Sheffield for years. Are you still there? Perhaps we could meet outside Shades and go to the Highcliffe or meet at the entrance to the hole in the road near theABC and go down to the Shakespeare. PM me.
  4. I remember being there one night when a particularly handsome young man asked a girl to dance who turned out to be a professional dancer. As the music started the dance floor cleared and the crowd watched in amazement as they strutted their funky stuff in what looked like a scene from the yet to be released Saturday Night Fever. I've often wondered what happened to him but I married her sister!
  5. Yes,I was there and I agree it was terrible. We sneaked in up the fire escape leading to the balcony,only to find that the balcony had been closed due to a lack of ticket sales and we were the only ones up there as everyone else had been moved downstairs! We did stick around long enough though to witness the concrete drilling song before being thrown out! I recall it being a catchy little number that we whistled all the way home on the bus! The most disappointing gig I remember was Led Zeppelin when Robert Plant had laryngitis but tried to sing anyway. What a trooper. But I think really he should have gone home to bed with a Lemsip (or something stronger!)
  6. Probably people making the most of it before French cakes and pastries become illegal in March.
  7. I think that I would have said “front garden “. I think they probably would have noticed a washing machine!
  8. I feel sure that you used to be able to see two cooling towers from the motorway at Tinsley but they seem to have gone now.
  9. Well the police don’t want to escalate an already dangerous situation by taking peoples bargain buckets off them.
  10. I remember having the very same problem as a teenager.
  11. He's the presenter on BBC radio 4’s popular and much loved Sunday morning show Bells on Sunday.
  12. You present them with a referendum to vote on and the results are revealed!
  13. There was one hung on a tree on Hunters Bar roundabout yesterday. That didn't take long,did it?
  14. This was the first time I had ever voted for the party rather than the candidate. In fact it was the first time I had voted labour but I thought it the best way to prevent a Tory win. It seemed to me that Hallam was fed up with Lib Dem and could quite easily revert to type. And yes,I probably would,in this case,have voted for a donkey. Seems I almost did!
  15. I'd never heard of him but I voted for the party not the man. Hallam was in grave danger of becoming Tory again and I felt that it was the best way of preventing that.
  16. I did see Ian Dury-many times. And I'm afraid you did miss much. Very much! He is one I would love to see again. And the proper Dr Feelgood and Alex Harvey!
  17. It can be quite entertaining though to watch the one who isn't speaking. Apart from that,like all BBC news and current affairs it has all been dumbed down to resemble some sort of trashy celeb mag illustrated by the viewers own pictures and videos. Incidentally,can you tell me what sort of cockerel is so comited to it that they can be bothered to do that?
  18. Seen him a couple of times at the Greystones. I think he suffered some serious health problems a couple of years ago.
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