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  1. I think this might be it - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7szKcGAbXgo You might need your glasses on to see the tattoo in question
  2. I guess you and I are just very different. If McDonalds were advertising people holding guns with hand grenades hanging from their pockets, I'd raise an eyebrow, but a tattoo? It's just a drawing.
  3. Are you annoyed about the pork? McDonald's? Or another person tattoo? I'm confused....
  4. I'll call somebody first thing in the morning. (and likely spend the night panicking about how much the damned thing will cost)
  5. There is quite a bit of blue cable left on it, so if that's anything to go by, I'm hopeful ---------- Post added 23-11-2015 at 18:39 ---------- Although I have known it give off 'tingles' which felt little tiny electric shocks (I'm not sure how to explain it) which I've never thought anything of, until now....
  6. It does, thank you. I'm hoping it won't be an expensive job. It almost scares me, realising that it's been burning away without us even knowing....
  7. Okay, so electrics isn't exactly my forte, but I think it's the neutral wire that's the issue.... Anyway, this is our electric oven socket which has been really temperament over the last couple of days. Today it wouldn't turn the oven on, unless I pushed the switch firmly. So I decided to unscrew the socket and have a look (much to my husbands dismay - he's working....) It looks like the wire has burnt out..... Why has it done that? Is this a disaster? Do I need an electrician? We are moving out on Friday C x
  8. The offer was rejected. We prefer this one though :-) Thank you for the advice again
  9. We are about to view a house that has ivy growing all the way up the front of it. Is this a big deal? Would it put you off? Basically, I'd love if you could share all the information you have
  10. It appears to be a nice village. We've had a walk around and it seems to be a pleasant place to be. I hadn't noticed the freehold/leasehold thing, I figured it was freehold. I'll have to look into that. Thank you. We go on holiday shortly, so I'm hoping they will have plenty of stewing time and realise we could be their only hope Thank you again
  11. You've given me lots of great tips to consider :-D My husband and I have already worried about how difficult it might be for us to sell it too, it's quite a concern. I'm so torn *sigh* Thank you again
  12. No. This is a third one that I've found, which I prefer out of all of them. The cheeky offer wasn't accepted, and now I'm grateful because I much prefer this one. I didn't expect much from the house from the photos, but it felt lovely inside. I offered 132k, it has been refused. I don't know what to do now.... It has been on the market for almost a year with very little interest. (They swapped estate agents a few months ago.)
  13. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34510491.html
  14. I put it hear because I figured it fits in to the category 'news'. Children don't need to be taught how to learn. They're hard wired to do so. The world is full of people of all ages, these children interact with children and adults every day. Forced interaction isn't socialisation.
  15. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/mother-tongue/11828033/No-school-no-rules-would-you-sign-up-to-the-latest-parenting-trend.html#disqus_thread Side note : This is NOT unparenting. RU's spend every day with their child(ren) guiding and being a positive role model. They go out in to the world and live it rather than being stuck in a classroom learning about what the world is like (see the irony). Basically, all I'm saying, is think about it before you make a judgement
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