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What do you know about Feng Shui and Cars Parked in Driveways?

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not much.


I reckon it should be pointing outwards.


Found this though:

1. Replace all car ornaments with wind chimes, bamboo pipes and red or gold sashes. Remove such objects as velour dice, Fighting Irish Leprechauns or bobbing-head baseball mascots, which deflect positive ch'i away from the vehicle. This is particularly true of leprechauns, whose negative ch'i derives from substratal ethnic incongruity.


2. Remove all bumper stickers, especially confrontational or vulgar messages. These attract enormous quantities of killer ch'i.


3. Always drive with the windows closed, even on days when neither heat nor air conditioning is necessary. Open windows squander positive ch'i.


4. Plug up all apertures such as cigarette lighters, ashtrays, vents, and glove compartments, preventing the egress of positive ch'i. Tape decks and compact disc players must always be occupied by cassettes or CDs.


5. Never drive to work from the south. If you live far to the south or your office, move. If this is not possible, drive east, then north, then south, but only in a very wide arc. Or hire a driver and sit with your back to him facing an inflatable replica of the Three-Legged Toad God of Wealth.


6. Never leave your car in the corner of a parking lot, especially if you work in the film industry. There is more negative ch'i in the corner of a Los Angeles parking lot than any other place in the world, not only because of the negative ch'i seeping into the lot from the corners, but because of the residual negative ch'i from all the other drivers who once parked in your spot.


7. Never try to feng che a station wagon. Sell it, give it away, burn it. Just don't try to feng che it. You are merely throwing good money after bad.

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Pointing outwards, thats what I said and I was only guessing, based on some half baked theory. Cheers guys


Always pleased to assist on SF..........hope your car starts first time every morning from now on.....


Ps. Don't forget my tip on the Insurance.......:thumbsup:

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I always park half way in and halfway out just to be sure.... never walk on the cracks in the pavement and always look over my right shoulder once I've glanced over the left. :thumbsup:


I touch wood often......I'm a Master Joiner.........:thumbsup:

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