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  1. Ste.... why don't you realise that you are fighting a losing battle here and the BNP will never come to power anyway. You are a good natured guy so don't get embroiled in this rubbish.... fact is, if no one fed this thread then it would die.... just look how many pages have been achieved over the last few days and who is winning?.... they even needed to start a part 2..... The more you argue then the more you publicise..... the people will vote at the end of the day. Take care....
  2. Is this why you can't stay away or wether you truly fancy the guy..... you see I can't just substantiate you posting on this thread through finding out who loves you or not in your last goodbye. Sad really..... without people asking me otherwise. I think you need to be loved but that is my opinion. :D http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=115265&highlight=Hecat
  3. Wirral Metropolitan Council have tried this malarky on with Birkenhead Park in the past and also Victoria Park in Tranmere and Eastham Rake which have now been given the status of National Park so the grippers cannot touch any of them.... Lord Leverhulme at the time bought most of this land and turned it over to the free people of the Borough. The Council never did understand that it wasn't there's to sell until they tried to.... silly really, these being well educated and intelligent people and all. I guess they had to hand their "bungs" back and allocate future fees to look after the Land's.... shame eh?
  4. Ha.... show me where you disagree.... you used the answer "no" as in yes I agree with your disaffection or "no" I don't agree with that.... if you think I can be bothered trolling then you better lay your facts out better than that.
  5. Nor mine.... You have an issue and if you don't want to discuss it then just fade away.... you don't have to leave me to anything, you just need to question me on where you think I'm going wrong. So far you have agreed with most things I have to say.... ask me about anything you disagree with.... surely that isn't too hard? You won't if you have something to fear and you will if you don't.... simple.
  6. Seeing as you agreed with most of what I had to say ... I would suggest you ask any questions you need clarifying my friend.
  7. I'm still here Tony even though depoix is a friend of mine.
  8. No we don't or have never had a ceiling on quotas of people coming here because we are an unfairly over generous nation to that extreme. You merely answered me above.... you have no ceiling.... what happens when you find it though? No. No. You stated that you were not up to date on current wide stats and therefore have no "real" informed status on current illegal immigrants amount or activity of the said to make an informed decision. Therefore you have no argument to the contrary. I didn't suggest anything.... I made it plain I hope or else if I'm going wrong somewhere here.... tssk.... It must have been me who was wrong all along. Bring em in eh Tony? till we reach the ceiling.
  9. Do you not feel that we take our fair quota already.... or do you feel as the Labour party do that there is no exemption to the figure..... are you one of the minority that support current Government thinking that 500.000 illegal and law breaking immigrants should be given amnesty here and do you think this would send out a good message to the world and it's human traffickers that as long as you get here then we will build for and house you and look after you and yours and your needs.... The Country next door is merely a stepping stone along the way to the UK. Otherwise if life was that simple for the hostility and rife that they feel..... then the next border would be a haven..... we are an Island, so I cannot see how your argument holds much water. If we housed asylum seekers.... note, genuine "Asylum Seekers" in one place and dispersed them evenly (around Europe) then there would be no argument if the intake was proportionate to the land space and populous but at the moment we take the majority.... if your argument was fair then so would the dispersal be. Your argument is of pure self denial.
  10. Good advice above....I have learned that you can become or made bankrupt for as little as £350 but as Joe rightly pointed out.... it will affect you for many years to come.... I believe you cannot get out of what you owe though as in the real sense if it is an associated company you are getting rid off.... a Ltd Co. leaves no debts behind.... but an individual can end up paying with any future option that may present itself being a non starter. Your friend should consider their options very carefully and unless you are able to give proper circumstances then I or anyone else could not properly advise you.... bankruptcy should only be considered as a last and desperate option.
  11. No they don't.... not at least any of my friends and I for one find that kind of teenage chatter very immature so I don't do it myself. (fnaar fnaar!) I may comment that I find a particular Lady attractive but not in those terms. ( private thoughts. lol. ) I have a few gay friends of both sexes and I don't hear them leering over people either.... I guess it boils down to the circles you mix in and what you find equally acceptable and what you don't. You can have a joke in the right place but equally, you can take it too far when you upset people.
  12. I would assume that if they were given a British passport then they would have equal rights to any benefits available in the system.... including the right to work and settle in any other EU Country.
  13. Look at Edna's post count.... 666.... ooerr!
  14. I thought you may have grown up by now Dad.... said your budgie. Your world will take a different meaning and your thoughts will turn to other things.... your life will take on a new, true meaning..... when I tell you what the budgie has done now.
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