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  1. Years ago I could have mentioned loads. Now,Sheffield is a shadow of its former self. Too many things have appeared over the years,and now the landscape has been sullied
  2. I've got jury service in November. Should have been inJune but the dates I was sent clashed with my holidays. Replied to the court to inform them,and they wrote back and sent me a date. not going to divulge the exact date,ad some miscreant may be reading this and try to nobble me!!
  3. New album out today (15th Sept). Downloaded it from itunes and must say it is a fantastic listen. Can't wait to see them in nottingham in October.
  4. Universal wazzes all over Disney.
  5. Point taken. I work on the premise that you only get out of people what you put in,and try to be as helpful and as pleasant as I can. Some people are beyond hope though.And some just put you in the depths of despair as soon as they grunt at you!
  6. So I cant't generalise about numpty passengers,but,in your opinion,every bus driver has a "glazed expression and a lack of social skills." Next time you are on a bus or tram,see how many people get on,who catch the same service every day,and have their money/pass stil in their bags/pockets,and don't know where they are going or how much the fare is. When you meet these people every day of the week,you realise how dim they are.
  7. I don't work for supertram,but i do work in public transport,and I stand by my statement that 95% of public transport users are brain dead. I see your point about waiting for people to get off,but tram doors are wide enough for alighters and boarders to use at the same time.
  8. Never worked with the Sheffield travelling public then?
  9. The driver is damned if he does damned if he doesnt. If he hangs around at every stop waiting for people to make up their minds whether to move their legs or not,he will have them that get their acts together and get on the tram sharpish moaning,and his managers on his case. It's not like the tram screeches into the stop,opens the door for a split second and shoots off again. The majority of people that use public transport are morons anyway.
  10. If this is the third time it has happened,shouldn't you be a bit more careful? There is a beep that warns you that the doors are closing. Trams are on a timetable and can't be hangig aroung for dopey women to make up their minds if they are getting on or not.
  11. Smokers are the new lepers. It wont be long untill we have to stand outside a pub ringing a big bell shouting "UNCLEAN"
  12. We have plenty of rants on here about buses and their drivers,lets have the nicer comments in here. As a driver myself,I get plenty of passengers thanking me because I try my best to give them a smooth journey,and try to smile and be polite with them. Lets see who gives the best service.
  13. It's in our own hands. We are now out of the drop zone with a game in hand,(albeit a derby,so form goes out of the window). Southampton have a pretty bad run in compared to ours,so we can only relegate ourselves.
  14. Something you lot can't do this season. Punctuation? Grammar? Mind you,we shouldn't expect anything else.
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