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  1. i prefered the local pub have game of darts etc meet up with my pals thursday night was pub v pub at darts domino,s & crib, i have a drink at home now and again i know a few people who wont have a drink at home at all if it were a penny pint
  2. people used to meet up in the local pub have a drink & a chat discuss everyday life etc it was part of the community it brought people together ,and maybe the goverment dont like the idea of that
  3. and a big thank you from me to all who have served and to those who still serve in the forces
  4. all kids arn,t bad and neither are their parents but alas everyone is tarred with the same brush
  5. hi swami missed your post friday i hope normal service is resumed as soon as possible
  6. i usually say phtt might aswell sling these in the bin now i,ll never win, people like me never win owt
  7. i allways do that (hoping deep down inside im going to be proved wrong ) he may think along the same lines
  8. twenty odd years ago some pig farmers fed their pigs fish meal which resulted in the pork tasting fishy:gag:bad news for the pig farmers
  9. im not a big lover of pork but i do like dripping cakes/sandwiches
  10. and did you throw all that lovely dripping away?
  11. it always ends the same the few spoil it for the many
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