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  1. That's cos they were in for Dry Cleaning at the time, pattricia. Not the longjohns ....... my legs.
  2. I agree with your remarks re Timo, LordC.
  3. As a lad, born just 2 years after WW2 started ...... I never did get round to eating worms and mud pies .... ...... but the rest of my childhood was exactly like that! Ta for the memories Mr. S!
  4. I have that effect on most male SF'ers, js2012! Hiya to you too, boyfriday. (Yep, now and then I'm allowed Day Release from the Asylum).
  5. I don't know what the OP'er is on about, frankly. Every post I've made on this Forum (and there have been many ) have been extremely virtuous *cough*
  6. ....... and here am I, trying my hardest to get this thread back on topic.
  7. Off topic, for sure, donuticus! But these two links Part 1 and then Part 2 may give you cause to reconsider your above quoted response to "vResistance". Two short video items (6min each) and the associated article/comments may be of interest. Here ............. However, to return to the subject of this particular thread ..... Until recently, I've been following the Hollie Grieg Website for several months. I'm unable to decide which of the two parties involved in this long- running dispute are being truthful. Whatever the eventual outcome of the case is, one can only hope that the truth "will out" in due course, sooner rather than later for Hollie.
  8. What is this "Charcot Inquiry" that "Wildcat" and "a.n.other" above are talking about? Good to see the Elf'nSafety Brigade posting from the Left Wing of the NuLabour Political Bandwagon don't even know it's "The Chilcott Enquiry"! "Elf'nSafety" Regulations have resulted in people dying from the idiocy of the rules which have to be legally followed by the Emergency Services not daring to breach the draconian H&S Regulations to save lives ........
  9. Seems you're on the wrong Forum ...... lend us all a £10 until next friday!
  10. My post was made in support of you, guitarhero .... not the prattle from those who try deride your posts/thread here.
  11. (My bold highlight) They haven't ... and won't suffer as much damage as that little 2 year old boy did though ...... they continue to survive. Little Jamie Bulger wasn't even allowed to live until he was 10 years old!!! Do you have, or have you had children of your own, PT?
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