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  1. 2 adults, 2 kids, over a long period of time? I would see if you can get hold of a self catering house, which can work out cheaper. I do have a lot of websites on travel and so forth, but all of them requires yourself to do some DIY work. A lot of them are not packaged self catering holidays, so it can work out a little bit more expensive. If you are okay to look at flight separate from anything else, then I recommend the following sites. travelsupermarket.com expedia.com
  2. Oh, if the mate is not working in the same company,then I would claim it, and then either give it back, or treat him next time. Same source of where it came from, and it should go back that way.
  3. lol. No. I don't see some people being so inscrupulous has anything to do with the political system. HK is said to be a capitalistic society, and people even spend to keep the system afloat. However, you still don't see people cheating their way in. The story about my brother, is based in HK. I think managers in his company normally get mocked by their sub-ordinates if they encourage them to claim every single thing. Well, I feel bad for my brother, because this global big company went bankrupt. Believe it or not, if this kind of attitude exists and you do not tighten your finances or tolerance level well, it can and does have a ripple effect, and it affects the company's finance as a whole. Why would anybody do that to the company which they want a job with? It makes no sense! I see it as bad seeds. It is not about the system that governs the people. If the people do not want to be governed, then they can say "no". There are choices in life. You cannot blame someone else for your own wrong-doings.
  4. Edna: I don't think anyone would put you in the same category as the MPs by doing what you did, Edna. Have you actually read some of the expense claims which have been put through? It is not because the situation is that they overspent in a legitimate way. They have taken steps to manipulate the system for their own gain. Which I think any employer would indeed throw the book at you for doing so. The two is not in the same category. I am also the same. When I first started out in my first job. I used to use the same travel ticket to London, and come back on a different day, so I get to see my sister. The ticket is already bought. My hours, I signed it as the exact time that it would take me to do this. Fair to the company, in terms of hours. Fair to the client, cos we charge those hours. Ticket is paid. Finance gets their tax correct. Extra for me, so I get to see her for a few hours. Even now sometimes I am on a trip out for the office. I don't always claim lunch or meals. Cos I know we're trying to be frugal at the moment. At times, I even choose the cheaper of the option if I really wanna eat! Other times, I don't make it hard for the local manager, cos I order which goes to my departmental budget, and I can see that his local team may dislike that. Sometimes I don't even eat. If I can smuggle my own food through custom officers, then I would! Other times, when I've had a bad day, I go and buy food from M&S and bloomin charge the company for this. Cos I cannot cook that night by the time I get in at 8pm. (I think in a day out, you're entitled 3 meals day.) A lot of the exaggerated expense claims by the government is that they manipulate the system. e.g. using one home to remortgage and finance another? Wrong. Cos the money is unclear, and in reality, what goes with which house need to be accounted for. Maybe they should put back the money to the other house and make money for the government! Hey. How about that? Another example is: a claim on a second home when his commute is only 12 miles. I find that outrageous too. He should not have taken this option at all. Or maybe increased his parking and mileage on his car, which is more than reasonable. He is spending more than he is looking for cuts. With that attitude, no wonder the government got whacked big time. I know not everyone is like that, and I think that many managers shield their sub-ordinates pretty well. I've seen managers sometimes go way out of their own to treat their staffs to meals to boost morale, (especially when you know you're going through a tough phase and you need everyone on board with you). Or some managers would absorb the cost cos their own staff overspent at the Christmas party budget or something like that. If it reaches top management, it looks pretty bad. Yet, you want to do well by your team, so what do you do as a middle-manager? In reality, everybody should take responsibility for their own part. If they did not know, then fine, they can ask. If I didn't know, I normally ask. The last thing you want to do, is to put somebody else in a pretty bad situation. A lot of the claims for the MPs are beyond ettiquettes, and I can see that there is already damage to the person which did he processing of these expenses too. I read the outcome and think that it is not entirely his fault if he has already done the best he could in raising the issue. I'm just sadden to see that he moved because he made noises. That is really bad...
  5. It's not always the fault of the university though because there has been a cut in the amount that they get from central government. So they have to run themselves as a business. Hence there is an introduction to overseas distant learning courses to re-cooperate some of the running costs which occurs in the UK. I know my poor old uni got merged because of this. It was such a shame to see so many years of history and excellence to be wiped in one single swoop and the knowlegde and skills were lost altogether! If I was a CEO, I would at least try and continue that kind of research of excellence by sponsorship and so forth. I used to think that it was unjust and that there exists an old school boy's network, but if you think about it, these people kind of propped up the system for anybody and future generation to continue to use the universities. A lot of donors believed in education. I respect that a lot.
  6. I feel sorry for the guy who controlled the finances. http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/news/article-1179937/The-Speakers-scapegoat-Official-signed-MPs-expenses-didnt-accountancy-qualification.html He should have just taken the bull by the horn and rejected those claims. Or send it back to the submitters and question the amount or refuse to sign it. Or to even put into place his own level of tolerance, so that it does not go over a certain amount. He did not protect himself, or his role.
  7. Surely it is not her fault, but her successors in monitoring this kind of budget? Expense claim is a legitimate legal transaction. However, any decent employee would not go and take a big chunk out of the employer, or find ways to cheat them out of it. If that is the case, I rather sck this person. No doubt about it.
  8. OMG. Do you know what this looks to me? It looks pretty bad in my eyes because they have no understanding about public spendings and the money that they can or cannot claim. Which makes them look pretty bad as politicians. To be honest, expense claims are very simple. (Every employee in a company have the power to claim an expense. As long as the expense is a legitimate one legally.) There should not be a designated list at all, cos it is all legally binding. Unless you are saying that an individual should not make themselves aware of the laws. There comes a cut off point when you have to say to yourself, how much should you need to know as an employee. Expenses should be one of those, and if you are unsure of it, then you should not put in the claim anyway, cos it looks pretty bad. Most people who is not set out to claim and cheat their employers would just let it be. They have a finance dept which they can consult if they are unsure.
  9. I haven't really read my paper yet which had this all plastered across the pages. I've been meaning to. Well, from my understanding is that, some MPs live away from home. So therefore they are seen as working out of (their own designated) office or abroad. Under these circumstances, they can and are leglly able to claim for this. I don't know where the legal documents to back up on this are. For your daily routine to the designated office which you are expected to work in. You cannot claim anything for this. As it is your own choice to have agreed to work at that place to begin with when you sign your employee contract. Some colleagues have to work abroad, and the company had a duty to provide the accomodation and some kind of amenties to do this. So they do not spend something out of their own pocket for work. For the MPs, they should at least gave it some effort to actually keep their own expenses in check, or to consolidate trips together and so forth. Even if they cannot do this themselves, they should pay someone, or get some form of electronic tools to do it. It looks pretty darn bad when it is public's money which we are talking about, and showing them to be so inefficient. The UK's expense claims look pretty bad in comparison to the US! It makes a mockery of the bloomin system. You work your guts out so that people can beless efficient. Maybe we should change the law like the US, and reduce the rate of pay for MPs, so that at least they are doing it for the people, and not for them. I was quite shocked to hear the pay of Obama. Even President get less pay than the top CEO in the US. I find it staggering.
  10. That's a very bad way to view it. It really demeans the system, and demeans what it is all about. Only do this until someone closes the loop? If that is the case, then you should go out and find a job which pays better. I remember talking to my brother about this and his company, and even he looked down on those managers who try and squeeze everything out of the company. Exactly what do you think you are doing by doing that? Legally, you are there to work FOR the company, and for the company's good. Not to screw them over, and to cheat them out of money, which is not yours to begin with. If I was the CEO, and I found out that an employee slowly tapped tapped away from my cashflow, I think I would flip. If one person did that, maybe it does not look too bad, but if the sum of the total expenses are huge, you question why. It's like letting a mouse into the warehouse and let them screw you over time and damages the stock. For my bro, he worked in a comp who gave employee shares, and I am gobsmacked to see and hear even a middle-manager (who earn loads) does this, and that guy's reputation is pretty mean in giving something out of his pocket. I have no doubt that will and does get fizzled up to the top management level. My bro is pretty generous and not cheats his sub-ordinates, and I have done the same too with internal clients. A few quid a week is not going to break my bank, if it boosts morale. Cos we are all in it together. I really despise this "me me me" culture. I like the people I work with. They slave their guts out, and I slave mine out for them to continue slaving their guts out etc. I used to think that companies set people back, but to be frank, if you do not like your job, you can walk at any point in time. The companies are not your guardian, and they do not have you tied to a string. If you have the guts and the conviction to say "sod em", then good for you. I have never been in a company like the one I am in now. A lot of it makes sense, and a lot of the people are pretty decent overall.
  11. If you were a very decent person, you would put the expense in for yourself and your mate, and tell your finance department to cross charge that 10 pound to this mate's dept, so that it is all correct and just. By doing this, you will have done the following: - gave a decent budget for your manager to work with as a business - gave an accurate of the tax claimable from your expense to the company - gave your mate's money back - you've saved your mate spending time doing the expense - attributed to the correct figures as a company, especially if you are a PLC.
  12. Gosh, this does look bad. For me, it's being argumentative to a new 20-something boss, which then sacked me. However, the same way has been used in new company, and they championed me for it. I don't think I've lost the company any more money. I have refused to comply to a civil servant before on his suggestion, but I know my company would be in bigger poo if we did, and didn't know what will happen. He was so aggressive that I was in tears. That was in my first job. In my current job, they champion this kind of mentality, which takes a load off my mind. We (my team) work our guts to deliver whenever and wherever possible. What I do, do, and my team mates do not, is to notify the person who did the cause of damage, so that they can know it in the future and own up to the responsibility of it. One guy clicked a wrong button and updated thousands of records in the financial system and it took a week to mop it back up and cross-reference archived records. I could bloomin wring his neck. All his manager could say was "I will make sure he never does it again". Yet, we're going to be in the poo poo if the records did not look like it was before it was signed off and audited! Some dept would get the bad rep. Even when we try to cover for the small fish employee of these mistakes. We got told off for not securing out the button and that the employee found his way to it. £$"£%&"%!
  13. Oohh. This just cracks me up. I know, how insulting! Duck?! I've been called, "Babe", by a taxi driver. Sometimes I get called "Lovey", like I'm 15. (Ok, I do look young.) I've heard an odd one, "petal". Like I am a dainty little flower. Sometimes you really have to tune out on these slangs and focus on the keywords.
  14. Maybe there needs to be more jobs, or more focus on other things to stop people being a nuisance of themselves. I admit I am one of those people too, but I did wait a couple of years before I become so vocal. A lot of the things said, I used to think, is so surreal, cos I have never ever heard that said to my face before. Funny, how you see people think online though, and out with all the punches. I also now have my boxing gloves too, ready.
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