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Is there a bus shortage in Sheffield?

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This week, courtesy of Stagecoach I have


  • Seen a bus to Carnoustie on Derek Dooley Way
  • Been behind a bus with an advert to "Gie cyclists loads ay room (alse they'll fling a bottle a buckie at ye)"
  • Been invited to adopt a haggis (that might have been a Dundee child, but same difference)
  • Seen an advert to get on a wi-fi bus by Tayside internet

Whilst getting the 53 to Dundee & Carnoustie from Castle Market seems like perhaps an improvement in nationwide transport links, the lack of an on-board WC concerned me for such a long trip

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Bus loans from other depots for the tram replacement service and so buses are distributed where they need them. Quite simple really


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No shortage what so ever!

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