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  1. No you surmised and surmised wrongly! You have an idea fixed in your head that IOC is run by Greens and STAG folks. It's not. I suggest you read the links I posted and watch David Glass' video. I personally am not a STAG member nor am I in the Green Party (as I said before I'm a LP member). There are many others who are in neither group you seem hellbent on type-casting them as. Some of us just might want a fairer democratic system for our city and this is a way we can have that. It really is that simple!
  2. Interesting! You know how people vote yet they've not told you? That's pretty impressive. But yes you were very quick to criticise yet hadn't appeared to even consider properly what the petition was about. Now you say you have so that's got to be a good thing. You may love the strong leader model for all I know? But at least you know what it is now ---------- Post added 29-08-2018 at 01:19 ---------- This is the video that shows who spoke at the IOC luanch - as you will see not all tree hugging!
  3. You are making very wrong assumptions about how these people voted and their affinity to STAG. Now yes some of them are STAG members and yes some have also voted Green and some will be both but not all of us are so please get your facts straight before making sweeping statements. At the launch for this petition (which btw has been agreed by SCC and their legal advisers) there were many groups spoke from across Sheffield. The focus was most certainly not about trees. It was about a range of issues across Sheffield. You also seem to think IOC is trying to take over running the city. They're not! What they are campaigning for is the removal of the strong leader model which allows ALL 84 of our elected councillors a voice in how things are run and by default us who voted for them. However if it's got you to actually think about how Sheffield is run even if you don't sign it that's a plus! ---------- Post added 29-08-2018 at 00:36 ---------- If IOC get sufficient signatures (5% of the electorate) then SCC have to by law, under the Localism Act 2011 ,have a referendum that everyone who has a vote in the city has the right to vote on. How the question will be worded I don't know - that will be for IOC and SCC to agree once the petition is scrutinised. SCC however could change this if they chose without the need for any referendum. If IOC don't get sufficient signatures then there will be no referendum and we'll bumble on with the current levels of incompetence ---------- Post added 29-08-2018 at 00:53 ---------- I would recommend everyone has a read of this which explains exactly what IOC is all about. https://www.itsoursheffield.co.uk/
  4. Exactly! It's not difficult and no referendum would be needed if Julie Dore stopped acting like a harridan every time she's questioned. We as citizens contribute to this city as do the councillors we elect. We vote for them to have a voice not a bloody great gag put on them. That's not democracy in any way, shape or form. We are entitled to have a voice! ---------- Post added 28-08-2018 at 23:03 ---------- You really don't get it Annie do you? This isn't about the Green party and those on the IOC group don't just vote for the Greens. This isn't a platform for the Green party. It's about you and me having a voice. It's about ALL 84 councillors having a say not just the 10 in the Cabinet
  5. I have signed this petition. Why? I have voted Labour all my life yet I can't trust them to do what's right for Sheffield any longer. IOC is about allowing the 3 councillors in my Ward to be able to represent me properly - not 10 pretty useless individuals at the Town Hall. For the record one of my Ward Councillors is Labour but she has zero voice. (I'm a 40+ years LP member btw) Now someone said it'll take longer for decisions to be made. Yes it very probably will but surely it's better for it to take longer and be right rather than 10 people who really are clueless doing it on the hoof? This has to change and that's why I signed.
  6. See attached - Interesting reading (You need to open the 4 docs at the bottom of the SYP page) http://www.southyorks.police.uk/foi/disclosurelog/sheffield-tree-felling-2016-2017
  7. I was there the day they arrested 7 people on Chippinghouse Road. They were sat under the tree in question (which was felled later). The tree was healthy and there was minor pavement disturbance. There was no animosity shown whatsoever from anyone who was there - there never is as various videos on the STAG fb page will show despite some cllrs claims to the contrary. Inspector Stubbs advised he was acting under direction from the SYP legal team until he was given contrary written advice by a STAG member provided by a what has turned out to much better informed barrister. This I am quite sure was a major factor in the CPS decision. On each occasion there were several policemen present. Bit heavy handed for a bunch of peaceful protestors
  8. Link to tree report posted previously has been changed by the author. New link below https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HaZnMLoqc4PkRdHLKGbyd5hS2l1dEefPG-hJGScVnZw/edit
  9. This may be of interest - a report of pics around Sheffield from a professional https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B78jiuiz-C9wWm1neWczbk8zMlk/view
  10. Late posting - was waiting on the person who posted link re 3rd position coming back to me. The base data was the 2011 WHO report. 2016 has not been fully published. As this is their area of professional expertise I see no reason to doubt what they have said. However for those who do Twitter - follow Sheffield Air who regularly reports (daily) our high readings and do look at the link I posted earlier re the measuring points across the city. Some of them are near schools and above the accepted level. And lastly to correct the point made re STAG. Healthy trees don't just bring health benefits such as helping to clear air etc they also support wildlife some of which is not common across other parts of the UK. I'm not a huge fan of birds personally (terrified of them) but some of the trees earmarked for felling support birds such as waxwings rare in the UK (Eccy Road being one such place where the 6 trees they visit are ironically on Amey's hitlist). Now there are some who would suggest it's that 'posh lot' over in Nether Edge making a noise, they should get a job etc etc. In truth it's not. This is happening all over Sheffield and there are groups in areas such as Firth Park, Burngreave within the STAG umbrella.Most of the so called 'posh lot' do have jobs tho some are retired. It's the jobs they do and are well qualified to do that provide a lot of the information behind the science we and the rest of the UK benefit from. As as for a comment earlier because I said twiglet and should have said sapling apparently. I make no apologies for the use of the term twiglet because that's what they are. Even the council have now admitted they won't be able to replace anything like the tree canopy they are destroying because for the most part the twiglets are species of tree that will not grow to the same level and provide the canopy those they removed did. To note Trees for Cities who were planting a lot of trees in Sheffield have now stopped because of SCC's felling activities. This is bad news for all of us. SCC cited this as them being 'intimidated' (Cllr Jack Scott) by STAG. They have since published a full statement saying quite the opposite. I know who I believe
  11. Flying visit before I start the trek home for the day. This should answer your last point Phili Buster. There are monitoring sites all around the city and these are the measurements taken from them https://sheffieldeastend.wordpress.com/air-quality-monitoring-data/abbeydale-road-corridor-community-air-quality-data/
  12. It was me who said 3rd most polluted city and sorry I've been busy with something else. I do have a link somewhere that was posted in the last couple of weeks on a fb group I belong to which is where the statement came from. However it's time for sleep for me so I will look for it when I get a few mins and post here. However to keep you amused meantime you may want to use this to check each day. It's a 24x7 site https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/latest/currentlevels?view=site&period=24#S
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