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  1. Its not just West Street though. You have the drunks and and druggies outside B&M near Fitzallan Square the rampant drug dealing outside the Bankers Draft and the old Lloyds Bank near the Cathedral.
  2. Well I dont think much money was spent on it to be honest. Just the hire of a camcorder. Its not exactly an academy award winner.
  3. I agree it was tongue in cheek . I dont think its lack of knowledge as if it was you would just have incorrect waste being stored in incorrect bins not strewn around. I hope the video will do some good but sadly I am not convinced. Oh well we live in hope.
  4. If you are confused as to how to use a bin. Never fear the council has a handy video (with subtitles) https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-council-produce-video-aimed-at-educating-roma-community-about-bin-collections-and-litter-1-9637480
  5. Yet not only that this "Pillar of the community" gets let off for what I would consider an heinous crime of stealing from charity boxes. In spite of a previous judge branding him dangerous. There is no justice in dealing with scum like him https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/career-criminal-who-stole-charity-boxes-from-sheffield-store-walks-free-from-court-1-9631898?fbclid=IwAR1p7hwDJA1NMmPDLynZGbtC3rqwE25OBtyorEG8KvI43AjBEP45dNkOjoA
  6. Why should that matter? If they distrust authorities well tough! They need to get over it and accept help otherwise stay on the streets. I have little time for the "evil authorities out to get them attitude". If the support comes with conditions then you accept those conditions. You dont bite the hand that feeds you. I wish they would stop using excuses as to why they are still on the streets and take the help thats offered.
  7. Here is an example of lack of engagement with services. http://www.helpushelp.uk/blog/our-outreach-teams-out-on-the-streets-daily
  8. So while the rest of us are trying to get to work to earn a living. As the tree protests have stopped a man with too much time on his hands is stopping people from getting to work. I know that air pollution is a problem but this wont solve it will it. It will just annoy people. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/police-called-to-protest-over-filthy-bus-in-sheffield-as-man-blocks-vehicle-s-path-1-9618293
  9. Sadly again I dont think it will work. As it has been stated on here many times. Many people do not engage with services. Anthony Cunningham tried his tent city project and the council shut it down because it was turning into a drugs den. I know first hand as while it was up there was a queue of people just off my street waiting for their fix. Anthony himself admitted that he set up a tent for them to get their injections. Anthony is now trying to get sleeper containers set up to do the same. However I fear that again will fall in the same problem. Yes there is lack of accommodation but also lack of engagement from the homeless and rootless.
  10. Yep you've guessed it. Good old Sheffield again raising the standards of quality hotel guests. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/naked-man-arrested-after-trashing-hotel-in-sheffield-city-centre-1-9614786
  11. What can we do about the drunks outside B&M Wilkos and KFC near the old Castle Market. There is one particular Afro Caribbean gentleman that's completely off his face. Clearly someone is paying for his booze and its probably us taxpayers. He dance in the street and shouts at people. The police seem to ignore the probem. He's not the only problem but he is the worst.
  12. Ok I accept your argument for the first. But the other two. It seems that because they have mental problems they are allowed to get away with it. This woman had 42! let me repeat 42 appearances before the court and still the mental health nurse wrote a letter to get her let off. I'm sorry but clearly she continues to defy the law and yet gets away with it on mental health grounds. If the other 42 occasions where she is punished and still does it mean that she wont do it again. As for the yob that got a suspended sentence for knocking a bus driver into the middle of next week. Why should we allow him to walk free. Too often we think of the poor criminal here "oh they have mental illness" or "oh they have had a bad life" well frankly it should be tough. Lets think of one person in this situation and thats the victim. I dont really care about the criminals human rights because frankly they gave those up when they commited the office or the 42 offence in the case of the woman. I dont understand the law and believe me I wish I did understand the logic in allowing the last two to walk free because it is beyond my comprehension.
  13. Yes and not standing on every ornate table in the city. This guy has no respect for property. If I crouched on a table like that my dad would have rightly given me a thick ear.
  14. Maybe not exactly but similar enough to group them in punishment brackets. Or is it a case of the mental illness card gets you off scott free like it always does, if you need more examples of this I can find them.
  15. No because the crime is of different magnitude so not the same. If a rich millionaire stole some sanitary products I would expect the same level of punishment. And as this person messed with a child I expect him to be punished the same way as others who do the same. Again no I expect this person to be punished the same as others who have touched up a child in the same way and not use "young and immature" as an excuse.
  16. Well they are not like for like. One is worth a couple of pounds the other is a theft of 100s. The distress to the victim is greater as well. I was comparing this kiddy fiddler who got let off with other nonces who didn't yet committed the same crime. Same distress to a victim.
  17. This was the reason. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/trains-cancelled-over-concern-for-woman-near-railway-line-in-sheffield-1-9597170
  18. But why should we take into account a persons circumstance. A crime should be punished the same. He abused a child so should be punished the same as someone else abusing the child otherwise you get those with a "poor upbringing" getting away with something another pedophile wouldnt. The law should be applied the same to all. Sadly it is not.
  19. The problem is that there is never any clarity on how decisions are made. I know we cannot know the full details of this case but it seems that there are a lot of judicial decisions that to us members of the public do not understand. Take this example. Thousands of motorists have over 12 points and can still drive. These are vehicles that can kill yet they still keep their cars. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40862975
  20. Not that obviously as it wont work. Firstly because some kids will use it as an excuse not to go to school and secondly it will have no impact. Better to educate kids to reduce carbon footprint. Encourage parents to do better. Energy saving is a good example. Not driving 5 mins down the road to school and parking outside is another. There are lots of positive actions that can work. This will have no impact at all.
  21. So looks like climate change will be sorted now. So all these children have decided not to turn up to school this has caused all the major polluters to suddenly change their policies and reduce climate change. See we dont have to worry about it now. All sorted https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/feb/15/uk-climate-change-strike-school-pupils-children-environment-protest
  22. Whats the point with the announcement I thought no mayor stood more than one term of office.
  23. Obviously I missed the section of the bible where Jesus speeds around Jerusalem killing people. What an utter nutjob. I'm surprised he hasn't used the apologist phrase if you walked a mile in their shoes.
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