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ASUS tablet ME302C


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I use this tablet mainly as an E-Book reader, occasionally an Internet browser, or as a camera.


The app is "My Library".


Recently it has started turning its own pages, so that halfway down page (say) 62, it mat flip several pages and land either on 56 or 70 (These page numbers are arbitrary for illustration)


This, of course, makes it hard to read a book.


It happens using a finger on the touchscreen, and also with the tablet in a stand using a stylus. It happens in the "portrait" view, one column on screen, and in "landscape" in 2 columns. It happens plugged into charger, and running on battery.


I did restore factory defaults and applied the latest updates -- no help


Any thoughts?

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What e-book reader are you using?


It may be a good idea to install another and try it out to see if it makes a difference and there are plenty of free ones available out there to download. My favourite is Moon+ reader which I then upgraded to the pro version for £4.

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The e-book app is "my library"


At present, I can't install another, as the touchscreen works "when it feels like it", and the screens keep changing of their own accord.

I may be lucky enough to get the "browser" up and stable enough to reach a webpage, but it may well flip to something else entirely before I can find an app and install it.

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I have this issue when there's grease and/or dirt and marks on the screen...


You can clean it with a cloth etc, but until you get a proper screen wipe that can dissolve grease, it'll never be properly clean....

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The screen is clean.

But I am looking for my receipt, as I think I can claim warranty service. Problem is, it's 2 hours drive to the service depot, then back, then do it again when they have fixed it.

I don't know whether I can describe the problem well enough to them -- I have sent stuff for repair before, they have interpreted my letter and fixed something that wasn't the problem I needed fixed.

Still, maybe the only way!

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