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Beard products in Sheffield

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I use shower gel to wash my hair, body, face and by extension beard. Seems to do just fine. I have started to steal the wifes conditioner though and use that on my beard.

And I ordered some beard oil from Amazon last week (still waiting for delivery).

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So it appears this is a product for men to groom their beard and not something to power your car with by using the lovely hair on thy face?


If tha uses it, tha's got to get thy priorities sorted, and stop fannying about.

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Apothecary87 online - their products smell fantastic, Savills use them on division street.


I've bought from Texas Beard company online too, I had a cinnamon & pumpkin oil around Christmas which my other half loved.

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Just read a short article about beards and remembered that there was a thread on here about the crap people put into their beards.


So I thought I'd share it > Here.<


And here's ther rebuttal saying that the papers basically made it up;




---------- Post added 06-05-2015 at 12:42 ----------


Speaking of the oil, I just looked at the ingredients for the one I bought;




£12.99 that costs for 30ml. The main ingredient is a carrier oil, sweet almond, with several essential oils added.


100ml of the base oil here for £1.69



I can't remember exactly which 3 essential oils it has, but for example;

10ml of Sandalwood £2.29


Sweet Orange £1.99 (10ml)

Bergamot £2.09 (10ml)


and so on.


You could make your own custom oil, experimenting until you found the exact sent for you and it would cost significantly less.


For reference, a massage oil is made up about 1/50 essential oil and 49/50 carrier. I'd guess that the beard oil is a similar concentration.

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