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  1. "Many just come to a complete halt immediately." This infuriates me so much! Ridgeway Road is incredible for this in a morning. People just pull slightly to the side and stop completely rather than edging over and continuing to move. I've even seen people pulling onto the grass!
  2. It used to be Jagger I think. Pretty sure it wasn't supposed to be a portrait, I think people ought to check his usual stuff out before slating him as an artist
  3. I went a couple of weeks ago, really enjoyed it. Not out for food very often so don't mind the price when we do it.
  4. Space Raiders - transformers 20p They're my favourite for crisp sandwiches
  5. Tommy R Jones, famous for being on Come Dine With Me haha
  6. De La Soul are far superior to Wu Tang Clan anyway! Great job by the organizers
  7. Awesome, I'm yet to get my hands on a magazine to see. Thankfully I saw this, do you have Sundays listings by any chance? Glass Caves @ Frog & Parrot will be great for anyone around there, they're a quality band. Downtown Roots also I saw last year they were great.
  8. Ebola update: it was a successful cover up
  9. Use the serial number on the back to report it to an Apple store - they can contact the owner
  10. They've just put lots of AD/DC on this week! There's some comedy and audio book sections on there.. but much. "Spotify: Music for everyone" Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs.
  11. Someone from Arbourthorne lost one last week I'm positive I saw it on SheffieldOnline
  12. Apothecary87 online - their products smell fantastic, Savills use them on division street. I've bought from Texas Beard company online too, I had a cinnamon & pumpkin oil around Christmas which my other half loved.
  13. Really sorry to hear this, hopefully they do get punished. My girlfriend was jumped by three girls when I was with her when we had just left school. Obviously I did my all to help her out I even managed to get bit - we tried to get them punished... nothing happened. Hopefully this isn't the case
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