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  1. The storey was lacking details it basicly says that they are going to spend £6 000 000.00 on 200 hundred people, so they get £30 000.00 each (nice). Just leaves me wondering what they are going to do and how it will help, government money usually goes to the people who bullshizzell a great deal and help no-one but themselves. Is this another one of those deals or are there real plans and is there a way to have some snake oil salesmans sprouts on the anvil should (s)he fails to deliver.
  2. It's been a busy month for me and the Peregrines have been out of mind. Tonight I thought I'd take a look at the webcam and I'm truly shocked at how fast these creatures have grown in a month. Just over four weeks ago I watched the second hatching: http://oi68.tinypic.com/29mslrp.jpg ...... and now I'm looking at them as they dare to risk life and wing before they (hopefully) fly the scrape. http://oi66.tinypic.com/35hjknp.jpg They really are pushing their luck aren't they?
  3. Had a look earlier and it was feeding time, pleased to see there are now three hatched chicks. Check out my screenshots http://oi65.tinypic.com/a828l.jpg
  4. I was lucky enough to catch the second hatch and first feeding today, so I took some screenshots. Sorry photos not in order but: top left: shows daddy eating eggshell after helping the chick out of shell. top right: shows floppy chick trying to get out of egg. bottom left: shows chick as it's about to be fed. bottom right: shows mommy bringing home the prey. http://i68.tinypic.com/29mslrp.jpg
  5. Whilst out taking a pleasant Sunday walk I kept comming across these little green wooden crosses hanging from trees and I would like to know what they are or what the significance of them is. Please put me out of my misery I need to know. http://i66.tinypic.com/25hehyb.jpg
  6. 3 way control traffic lights with poor timing, I went at lunchtime and spent a good 10 minutes waiting for their temporary traffic lights to change to green despite no cars coming out, but the lights were on green when exiting the store despite there not being any other cars but me. I'm sure the contractor will be aware of this and deal with it, or perhaps the works are only for a short time; just glad I'm not doing the rush traffic through halfway today.
  7. Asbestos is perfectly harmless if left undisturbed but needs to be periodically inspected for deterioration. It is the landlords duty to manage asbestos and inform anyone who may come in contact with it, usually tradesmen; and if necessary make arrangements for removal or encapsulation. Don't worry about it, be glad the council are taking their responsibilities seriously but if you do need to carry out any works or drill any holes I'm sure that they would be more than happy to share their information willingly.
  8. You could call Amey, I understand that they've been chopping lots of big trees down of late.
  9. op, did you see guns out or is there another reason for saying armed police. Armed police suggests another dimension to an apparent car crash, I'm intrigued.
  10. ...so if I want puppies, does that make me a bitch? It all looks a bit messed up to me but each to its own, though I'm a little concerned about the offspring. :confused:
  11. Sounds to me 'OP', that what you really need is a shelf not a bookcase.
  12. There are many who believe they should get a free ride, a free ride home and a lifelong ban from the UK.
  13. Well I think they're cute, I'd like to see more pigeons. The last time I went to ponds forge watching the birds flying around made an otherwise dull post workout coffee infinitely more interesting. Perhaps they could introduce other animals too, I'd like to see some friendly cats, parrots and spider monkeys, maybe even some fish in the pool too. It could catch on.
  14. A perv is basically a normal guy who scores lower than a 7.
  15. We should tear up the Dronfield bypass and build a big beautiful wall.
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