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The X-Files is coming back!


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So The X Files is coming back for six episodes I heard! I was a die hard fan when I was younger but what put off of them was the long-running stories. I loved the one time episodes. Six of those was amazing. The return of Tooms for example or that lady who drove off with the devil baby! They are on German television on Monday nights and it's fun reliving them but I'm always surprised at how much I have forgotten!

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So The X Files is coming back for six episodes I heard! I was a die hard fan when I was younger but what put off of them was the long-running stories.

The myth arc was what made the series! The stand-alones and the monster-of-the-weeks were generally pretty good too (well, most of them) but the interconnected season-spanning lore was at the core of the X-Files (even if the later seasons demonstrated pretty effectively that Carter really was making it all up as he went along).


I was a massive fan, so I'm approaching the resurrection warily, in the spirit of 'you can never go back again'; the last couple of seasons pretty much trampled all over what went before and the last film was dismal, so there's much to be nervous about. The small number of new episodes won't allow any time for filler, so they'd better use the time they have to make something worthy of its iconic status in TV history.


The new series starts filming in June and is due to air in the US from January 24th 2016. Let's hope that it's worth the wait.

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I don't know why series like this feel the need to do some sort of comedy episode because it never works. Last night's was as bad as that Dr Who episode with Peter Kay in it.

It used to work, and work very well indeed. The original series has loads of comedy gems (Dreamland, Bad Blood, Small Potatoes, and so on). The new series seems completely tone deaf in comparison.


The tribute to Kim Manners was a lovely touch, though.


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The first episode was reasonable, the second episode was boring and last nights was ludicrous, it was laughably bad, took it off series link last night.


I have loads to say about this new series, but I'll wait until it's finished in the UK.


Let's just say I think Chris Carter has spent the post- X-Files years watching nut job conspiracy theory videos on YouTube and thinking up ways to trash the legacy.


Duchovny seemed to be having loads of fun not taking the whole thing seriously at all.

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I'm naturally sceptical of stuff like this - it always feels like cash-in on old glories and precious little else. There will be spoilers.


It started OK but pushed the conspiracy meter to max which it didn't need to do. I had high hopes of episode 2 as I used to love those one-off creature-in-the-woods episodes more than X files mythology ones - something that I'm still finding that now (they're doing reruns from the beginning on spike). I don't mind them playing the odd scene for laughs, duchovny has decent comic range in my opinion but they took it too far in episode 2 and it dissolved into farce. That set the pattern for the rest of the series. When subtlety was required, the lever was pushed to max. The two younger models of themselves seemed to be brought in for one comic scene that fell on its arse and kept around just in case the writers thought of a better gag further down the line, which is a shame as the scully "clone" wasn't bad. She could have been brought in on her own merit and arguably should have considering the "clone" moulder did nowt at all.


The rest of the cast that made the return did OK, the wrinkles were deeper and were a tad wider round the middle and some of the series reflected, a bit, the world we live in today. There were some nice touches in there too. Duchovny was good, still funny in parts and didn't take himself too seriously. Scully still had the ability to move at speed in heels which at her age is no mean feat. She was the greatest disappointment - she didn't seem the sceptic anymore, just plain worn out.


Overall I thought some of the stories were good enough but in the next series, if there is one, the writers and directors just need to dial it down a tad.

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It was a mess. The number of episodes - dictated, presumably, by Fox as well as by the stars' other commitments - was simply far, far too few for what they apparently wanted to accomplish: rewrite a huge chunk of the myth arc, introduce The X-Files: The Next Generation mini-me characters, re-establish the William storyline, and indulge the writers with several monster-of-the-week episodes. Plus the writing was very poor indeed, the special effects astonishingly mediocre (it seems like either the money went on tempting back Duchovny and Anderson, or Fox didn't want to chuck much money at the project), and the actors' commitment seemed questionable (Anderson was treading water and Duchovny was clearly not taking the thing seriously at all, and who can blame him, dealing with those scripts?).


I think the main problem was shoe-horning massive great wads of the myth arc stuff into just two, bookending episodes, when it really needed to be more skilfully revealed. Such careless treatment might have been more easily overlooked if the either the content or the presentation of the story had been up to the standard I've long associated with the X-Files. But it wasn't. The William storyline was always extremely weak and there was much relief all round when the baby was sent off to adoptive parents and out of the series. I thought that while the imagined 'flashbacks' to Mulder and Scully interacting with their son were nicely done, and rather sad, the implied future role of the kid (not forgetting his stem cells) was beyond cliché.


I have more general rants and grumbles: whoever named the shrill, annoying, charmless Scully mini-me 'Einstein' should have been fired; the Mulder mini-me had all the personality of a damp paper bag; the Lone Gunmen and Skinner were shockingly wasted; the CSM has morphed from a genuinely chilling presence to a pantomime villain; the YouTube conspiracy theorist thing was daft. And did I mention the poor writing?


I'm not mad; I'm just really disappointed.

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I was at someone's house with a TV and we started to watch this, we tried to give it a chance, but couldn't get to the end of the first episode. Acting was terrible, story was terrible.


I never watched the original as I considered it to be childish and poorly written.


If you want to watch something great along these lines you should look for "Fringe".

An absolutely superb multi series show with some great science and superb storylines and characters.

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