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Advice needed about our cornsnake

big momma

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Hi my son has a five year old corn snake.

She has never been ill and is very good natured.

But about 2 months ago she stopped shedding her skin.

In February she went three weeks without eating her frozen mouse.

She ate her mouse last week but still isn't shedding.

Anyone any ideas as to why, we would be grateful for any ideas or information


thank you

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Maybe talk to the snake man at the snake shop . I do know that snakes go through a rutting season where they look for a mate and as they can only think of one thought at a time they do tend to stop eating , our python stopped eating in November and will start eating probably at the end of this month , He doesn't shed his skin often either during this time

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We have a Sinaloan Milksnake whose about the same age. She is usually a good eater but occasionally goes off her food either because she is due to shed but on rare occasions it's for no other reason. She is usually fed every 12-15 days but sometimes she'll go for longer and doesn't show any inclination to eat (and that's not necessarily when she'd due to shed, either). It could just be hormonal, they're simple creatures and they don't multi-task, so if thinking about mating, they probably don't consider food as important!

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Hi, it's mating season both males and females will often go off there food at this time of year 3 weeks Is nothing to worry about :-) you could offer her a smaller size too x

This is totally spot on, im having the same problem with my 5 year old male corn snake.

As for the shedding, as they get older they shed a lot less, usually because they have just about reached their full size.


I wouldnt be surprised if yours was a lot more active now as well...mine is doing laps of his vivarium as I type, lol

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