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  1. Is the kitty back? Iv had a new visitor today which Iv not seen before, exactly as you described small black sleek not got close enough yet to see sex, very very sleek and shiny coat , I'm in s6 upperthorpe Feel free to message me
  2. It's been directly over my house in upperthorpe and over the fields to netherthorpe, lots of activity, possibly something todo with yesterdays events??
  3. Just a heads up penistone road closed and round about bradfiekd road, all near KFC armed police there not sure what's happened
  4. Saw the state of the car that hit the landrover it was a mess, glad your son is ok, a lot of drivers around there going at daft speeds today
  5. I'd love to find them, Iv seen a lot of people just left to suffer I'm so thankful, cnt offer them anything except personal thanks xxxx
  6. A massive Thankyou to whoever called the ambulance for my son who had an epilepsy seizure on the supertram this morning heading towards city collage this morning, he is now home safe and recovering xxxxxx
  7. Yup it's called brief encounters there filming at my parents house, it's about ann summers
  8. Has kitty been checked for a chip to make sure it's not a lost cat?
  9. Hi have you reported this to the council so they can collected kitty?
  10. It's lovely the food is great especially the carvery
  11. Lol police all over upperthorpe copter just gone,
  12. Now found and back home with his family they are all very happy Thankyou x
  13. My sisters staffy got out of the garden this afternoon, s13 he is chipped but no collar on, all relevant places contacted, there all missing him desperately please get in touch if anyone seen a dog matching description
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