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  1. Changing the subject a bit but what do people think about Bobs Burgers? And I like American Dad too
  2. We have a rescue cat and his back end has an old injury does this if we go past the middle of his back perhaps it's a sensitive spot
  3. Can anyone remember The Gadget shop near Debenhams had lots of Boys Toys used to go there for stuff for my teenage nephews it disappeared then came back about ten years later as Red 5 it turned posh down that end and they moved then Lush then Build a Bear extortionate rents down that end of Meadowhall now it's only for 'designer shops ' and the big stores there's so many empty spaces if the rents were more reasonable then there would be more shops
  4. Please don't let them have it without paperwork I did this once and saw the totally unroadworthy car parked on the side of the road with a child seat in it felt terrible not only had I been ripped of but more than likely the other person who then possessed it had been as well I had given it up because I was told it would cost too much to repair make sure the paperwork is sorted luckily I had no comeback but you are still responsible as long as it is in your name
  5. It happened to me took over 5 months I wasn't in s chain nor were the buyers the house was freehold and had been unoccupied you name it they wanted proof of everything I had to track down all sorts for them all the time still having to pay the council tax that really ticked me off!!!!
  6. If we are looking at the early 1930s my dad used to fight as Kid Socks but I can't remember him mentioning Ceesecake Charlie good luck
  7. If it's the Catt life one I give right of way to people coming out of the petrol station because it's easier to see if you are coming out of the car park than the petrol station
  8. They have done at least 11 series started about 2001 think they were on sky or maybe channel 4 used to watch them years ago they seemed to disappear after about 5-6 series in England pity I don't have Netflix or I'd be watching them now really funny
  9. Try Dettol Laundry Cleanser you pour it in with powder or liquid at the same time it works on smelly trainers and also fishermens stinky clothes so should work on that get mine from Sainsburys but they should sell it at most supermarkets
  10. I went to a Chinese restaurant for a meal and was wearing a skirt I had made and was very proud of (think it was the only thing I'd ever made that looked like it should!) I could have died when we were shown to our table and the table cloth was identical to my skirt
  11. It's the same shop that us d to be near Kelham Island
  12. It's only literally around the roundabout the rest is still shocking
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