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  1. Hi Alchemist, sorry its taken a few days to reply. I am on nights and dont seem to get much done. Some one sent me a post and said that the fencing company on Tyler street was called Sheffield Fencing which I didn't know because they didn't have a sign up. Just a sign that said Fencing. Any how I was off Tuesday and I went to Station Road in Chapeltown (where she said they had moved too) and I found the premises. It was half 2 but it was shut, couldn't find anyone at all. I went back after popping into Asda so I did try twice. Seems they dont want custom !! If it the same company they did a really good job putting up a fence between my property and my neighbours, and they were reasonably, priced But my neighbour dealt with them. Like you I think I will have to go else where. Ann
  2. Hi Thanks for letting me know. I had been looking for a sign to say they had moved but they didn't leave one unless some nicked it !!! Once again thanks Ann
  3. Hi there was a unit on Tyler Street Wincobank .that did fencing for gardens etc. My neighbour and I used them once and they did a really good job. I need more fencing now and whilst walking to the tram stop was going to call in to speak to them. But its closed and I wondered if anyone knew if they had moved or gone bust ?
  4. My mum has been having problems for a about a year now with Mears home care. A complaint to Social Services has not improved her care As a family we are looking for an alternative agency. Can any one recommend a care agency that covers the Firshill Estate/Shirecliffe Thank you Big momma
  5. My son is wanting to put his dog in kennels (for the first time)whilst he goes away for 5 days. Any one recommend one please
  6. Hi, Need some advice My bathroom floor measures 5ft 8 by 5ft 1 I went to B@Q tonight. One assistant worked out that I required 2.66 sq. metres. The vinyl I wanted was 2 metres wide. I was told by the assistant on flooring I required 4 metres. I said it seemed a lot but he said that was right I have got home and my son said I had been sold too much His he right? It does look as if there is too much thanks
  7. Hi my son is on a sports course at college and has to undertake work experience. College haven't been helpful. My son has e-mailed several gyms/health centres but as yet has had no replies. He has phoned some with no luck and called in at some of the ones around town. Can anyone who works in a gym or has done work experience in one or a similar environment offer any advice. or can anyone offer him a place Many thanks
  8. Hi my sons 6yr old cornsnake died suddenly at the weekend. She hadn't eaten a mouse for about a month but she did the same about 2 years ago. She was shedding as normal and was moving about in her Viv okay when we went away overnight and on our return she was dead. The stench was dreadful and just below her jaw her body was swollen for about an inch. I know I am clutching at straws but has any one any ideas about illnesses that affect cornsnakes. She had a lovely nature thanks
  9. Just to let people know my son has been reunited with his dog. With grateful thanks to a lady and her son on Deerlands Avenue My sons dog has gone missing from the Sheffield 5 area earlier this morning (10/1/2016) The dog is a Rottweiler/Malamute cross breed and is 15-18 months old. He is a friendly loving dog Any information appreciated
  10. Weight loss surgery has been suggested to me by health professional's due to diabetes and high blood pressure. Seems drastic !!!! Suggested I seriously consider this Anyone been through the surgery or considered it? Be grateful for advice, information or your experience Thanks
  11. Hi my son has a five year old corn snake. She has never been ill and is very good natured. But about 2 months ago she stopped shedding her skin. In February she went three weeks without eating her frozen mouse. She ate her mouse last week but still isn't shedding. Anyone any ideas as to why, we would be grateful for any ideas or information thank you
  12. when I drive off in the car after ensuring all doors are shut, I can drive a short or long distance but at some point during the journey the door open light comes on and starts beeping. I stop and get out of the car and its always the boot door that I have to open and shut. (the car boot is already locked but I have to open and shut the door for the light to go of). I have even made sure all doors are locked and then put the door lock on, but it still happens. Any one any ideas ? please
  13. My sons cat went out late Sunday 16th Feb. She likes to stay in and only goes out for a couple of hours a day and is usually to be found in our garden or a neighbours garden. We live near Jenkin road and as its so busy I fear the worse. She is a big cat, tabby in colour but unfortunately not chipped. I have tried local vets and will try the RSPCA tomorrow Any news good or bad is appreciate thanks Ann
  14. My son had his phone knocked out of his hand by a drunk whilst he was waiting for a bus. He is 16 so he thinks " its the end of the world " I know little about phones so can anyone tell me if the screen be repaired ? if so where and how much approximately Thanks
  15. my son gets a taxi back at 3am after a night out its £7 to the bottom of Jenkin road from city centre and £9 to go up Jenkin Road and alight just before the bend.
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