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What plants to get garden looking nice?

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I am wanting to get our garden looking better this year.


What would people suggest for me to add some colour and life without being too hard to keep?


Any advice would be really welcome as I'm not that hot at gardening. I know a little but it is just a little.



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You don't say what style you like, what soil you have or what direction the garden faces, if its shade, the size etc.


A good structure of evergreens, shrubs plus perennials and bulbs will give year round interest without too much work. Contrasting shape and colour of foliage against each other so you get to see the plants.


Annuals or half hardy perennials are a lot of work, avoid those if you don't want to put too much effort in.

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Flowering plants with large heads always look well and brighten a garden.


Last spring I decided to grow some Rudbeckia (from seed). and I was very impressed with the outcome. I got lots of plants from that one packet. They grew to about 2 feet tall with large yellow (or variants of yellow) heads. The other good aspect was that they flowered July right up to October.


Don’t worry about soil type if you just want to do something like the above, otherwise you’ll end up doing nothing. Many plants are not too concerned about soil types. Just choose a sunny or partial sunny place and have a go.


Now is the time to sow some of them seeds indoors. (My seedlings are nearly ready to pot up).


If you want something more permanent, flowering shrubs with large heads like Hydrangeas for example are old favourites.

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