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  1. It’s a reel shame this place used to brilliant at times very shallow now and many fish died after 200 mini carp were added. It looks like the only fish left are the new carp that have grown big. I went up a few weeks ago really sad to see it in such a state I’m sure it will be in the same condition as forge dam in years to come .
  2. Hellebores hostas geranium berginia acer mahonia(shrub) few off the top of my head
  3. Cars damaged people's houses being burgled usually covered by insurance. Children accessing drugs on the other hand is a whole lot worse sort it out South Yorkshire police
  4. B&m have some good natural products for aphids and other Buggs I have used it on roses and it seems to have worked
  5. Hi details below I'm not far from you so can pop round when conveinient for you thanks
  6. John on crookes next to grindstone he's been cutting hair for 45 years so he's just about grasped it
  7. These are good http://www.google.co.uk/aclk?sa=l&ai=CEjzrSp_EVZX_KMHn7Qak5p7AAb2Go8AFzeG0sqYB-I2t4p8BCAQQAiD4mYsSKApgu865g9AKoAHTmI_9A8gBB6kC6_9k4HwCuj6qBCZP0An-6d-NR1FQ2WFRcOLL8Ofr2bAeNN75pI7Ieto12uqNDeC5poAFl-C8C8AFBaAGJtgGAoAHlefwApAHA6gHosIbqAemvhvYBwHgEsml64zdwKvbxgE&sig=AOD64_0ZibDFU3mZ7hYyLZau6F0d5VwOow&ctype=5&clui=22&rct=j&q=&ved=0CCAQwg9qFQoTCJuB4rz3lscCFVQs2wod8wEBqg&adurl=http://www.harrodhorticultural.com/tumbleweed-compost-tumbler-pid7844.html%3FAff%3DGPL
  8. Might be a good idea to upload some photos of the area you want to plant up but without any idea of soil size or amount of shade it's really hard to give any decent advice really.
  9. Scaffolding boards are cheap and good for edging. IIRC they were £6 each for 11ft
  10. My 14 year old subaru has been serviced by them from new it still runs perfectly and has done 279k
  11. Go for it save your self a couple of hundred quid.
  12. https://www.hedgesdirect.co.uk had some good stuff from these guys in the past.
  13. The scene in sheffield died years ago was really good in the nineties early 2000 . Your best bet is Tuesday club student night sometimes put some decent acts on.
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