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Sheffield Ghost Stories & Sightings

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Originally posted by JessicaA

Does anyone know about any ghosts in the Manor castle pub? also does anyone know where there were sightings of spring heeled jack in sheffield?

There is no such thing as Spring Heeled Jack Its just something they made up to scare kids, like the Boogie Man or Michael Jackson :D
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Originally posted by Nu_Skillz

Hauntings, Ghost's, Poltergeist , hahaha, you people watch far too much TV.

:thumbsup: Don't need to watch TV Nu_Skillz our group investigates this stuff for real ;)
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i have had 4 expiriences with the strange in my life time, the first being when i was 4 years old

my mum and older sister (8) were downstairs watching TV

i had just been put to bed, and at that time me and my sister shared the same room, my sisters bed was next to the window and mine accross the room near the door.

i remember laying in bed and looking accross the room over my sisters bed and out the window.

my sisters bed sheet suddenly rose to the ceiling as if someone had pinched it in the middle and lifted it

then it just dropped back on the bed,

i flew out of bed and ran down stairs crying as i was so scared

my mum said i was just imagining things and she

calmed me down and took me back upstairs to bed

and there was the sheet, all messed up as it was after it had been dropped, spookey!!


the 2nd time i was 6 years old,

and because i have such a gr8 mum, she used to let me stay up late at night and watch the horror movies with her, and on this particular night the movie was a real scary 1, (some old frankinstein movie), and when id gone to bed i remember gazing at my door in darkness, just a faint orange glow gomming through the window from a street light outside

and i saw a silouette/shadow of a tall man that appered to be trying to open the door (turning the knob), i was so scared i couldent move any part of my body, it seemed to last about 5min and i cant remember anything after that,

other than waking up in the morning and telling my mum what id seen, she told me i must have just had a bad dream/nightmare.

im still not sure to this day if it was a dream

i have not had a dream/nightmare as vivid as that 1 ever since,

it still freaks me out to this day.


one evening i was just cleaning out some brushes/rollers after doing a little decorating.

i was running the tap to fill a piant tub with water so i could soak some brushes while the tub was filling up, i ran upstairs to toilet to take a leak.

when id done and gone back downstairs to finish of the bushes, the tap had been turned off already at the point where the water was right to the brim of the tub, there was noone but me in the house, and when i went to use the tap again i had to use a little strenght to turn it as it was very tight.

how wiered is that?


i have also had a spooky expirience with a ouiji board, where the glass started moving in a circular fassion arround the board.

there were 5 of us and all had contact with the glass,

i thought it was just one of the others pushing it arround, then it just kept getting faster and faster untill the point where we couldent keep contact with it anymore, i was the last one to loose contact, at wich point the glass carried on circling the board for another 3 or 4 full circles before shooting to the edge of the board and coming to a stop.

it freaked us out so much we we never did it again after that.


it would be nice to come along to one of your investigations sometime, would be interesting to see how you go about detecting such things as ghosts and how you decide wether it is a ghost or just some old boiler pipe banging occasionally:)

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