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  1. There is one this year, i just want to know if its any good?
  2. has anyone tried the self confidence course from that site? http://www.self-confidence.co.uk/self.html "You will receive the first instalment within a few minutes, followed by 6 weekly emails to help you build self confidence and beat low self esteem for good. I look forward to working with you!" I think this has also messed up my life... as i could have made a million situations better than what they were..its just like a panic attack and you dont know what to do. Has anyone actually cured this type of thing and maybe tried hypnosis?
  3. I would go for a haircut but i dont like it when it gets cut too short... so i thought if i could kinda cut my own hair to the right length with just scissors, i would be a winner... and i would also save some cash... So does anyone do it? and is it hard? im just worried bout the back bit since your relying on reflection and something may go wrong....
  4. I mean does your hair eventually fall out after a long period of time like people sometimes say?
  5. ....also how much more do laptops cost compared to desktops?
  6. ok im after a second hand one, as cheap as possible, if 200mhz is ok then thats fine because i intend to actually just surf on the internet mainly. So will it be an ok speed or will it be very slow? my budget is probably around £100....
  7. Mainly for internet, what do you think is the minimum speed that i should get?
  8. well we dont usually ride with any helmets anyway, so when are you next going? and what time do we have to meet you? and also where exactly do we meet you?
  9. is this guy gonna reply then? hes gonna go tommorow....
  10. this sunday? the 29th? yeah me and my mate can come... but we havent got any helmets, we dont ride with any helmets anyway so can u let us come without any? i mean we want to feel the fresh air...
  11. if there any large woods or anything? me and my mate want to go for a bike ride, but we want some large woods or some good place to go....
  12. so who else is recruiting now? if you know who is then it is so easy to get a job with them since they are deperate...
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