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  1. Thanks everyone - tried the above and still no change so I guess it's probably time to get my hand in my pocket Thanks again
  2. Hi Over the past couple of months I've noticed that audio/video playback in iTunes has become increasingly choppy, as in stuttering to the point that it is almost unusable if I have anything open in addition to iTunes itself. I'm running the latest version of iTunes on a Windows desktop which is coming upto 10 years old, and I'm wondering whether it's because my hardware is starting to creak a bit or is possibly something else? I'm running XP Home (32 bit) service pack 3, with an Intel Pentium 4 2.80 Ghz, 2GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 graphics card. I use iTunes as I like it and don't want to use alternatives. Can anyone suggest any possible causes and/or potential resolutions? Thanks for reading
  3. Does anyone know where I could buy a Sheffield Steel ingot? I'm not talking about a full size one, more a souvenir size if that makes sense?
  4. My Grandad's occupation on discharge from the Army in 1946 is shown as a clayhole filler. Does anyone know what this is?
  5. I've got a new Windows Vista laptop and keep trying to install Adaware but it is refusing to install, is Adaware not compatible with Vista?
  6. I'm looking for a laptop that is small and lightweight, and will predominantly be used for surfing the internet, and maybe a bit of office work and day to day applications. I'm not going to be storing music or photos on it as this is done on the desktop. I've seen these two particular models and would welcome opinions on them as to whether they would be suitable, they are: Advent 9912 at £399 Intel celeron M Processor C530 12'1" Widescreen display 1 GB Memory 80 GB Hard Drive Windows Vista Home DVD Drive 553 MHz FSB or Advent 9112 at £479 Intel Pentium Dual Core T2310 1.73GHz 12" screen 2GB memory 160GB Hard drive Windows Vista Home DVD Rewriter Cheers
  7. For some reason when I x out of IE7, it can take upto 10 seconds for the window to actually close It's only recently started doing this and it's rather annoying! Any ideas on why it might be happening and what I can do to stop it? I'm running xp.
  8. just googled it - answer was to change a registry key
  9. I have a laptop that I'm selling. My computer name is 'Sony Vaio', but if memory serves when I first got it I called it by mine and my partner's name, for example 'Richard & Judy' before I changed it to 'Sony Vaio'. However, if I search for something in my documents folder, the path is given as C:\Documents and Settings\Richard & Judy\My Documents How can I change that to 'Sony Vaio' instead? Likewise if I look at System Properties it shows the computer as being registered to Richard & Judy and I'd like to change that. I'm running xp
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