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Sheffield Ghost Stories & Sightings

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Geetings from C.O.T.C Paranormal Investigations


As a Co-founder of the organisation I would just like to answer your questions.


1. The picture taken at Bramber Castle was taken by an experienced investigator of some 30years and whilst it may appear nothing, he has eliminated all possible natural causes.


2. The images on the logo page are in fact lightened up in order for people to see the actual mists etc... again this was after we had eliminated natural causes as well as human ones.


3. Your comment with regard not using science I find hard to accept fully as we do in fact use computers and photographic analysis machines to analyse these pictures (this is science as it is the use of equipment to eliminate outside interference) Also the fact that when EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) are recorded, again analysing equipment is used to clean up the recording and remove background interference together with voice pattern recognition for members of the team so that we can safety eliminate them as the cause of it.


I appreciate your comments and we always consider opurselves open to debate on such matters and if you want to discuss our methods etc... further then please feel free to e-mail me at enquiries@cotcpi.co.uk

Would be nice to hear from you and to learn your credentials and experience in this field, who knows it may be beneficial to both of us.




Stuart Logan


C.O.T.C Paranormal Investigations


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Why do you guys all seem really critical of ghosts and spirits? Is it because all the textbooks and scientists tell us that they don't exist?


Some things that we can't see really do exist (magnetism, radiation gravity etc). Sure we can see the effects of these things, just like some people feel the effects of ghosts (cold spots or whatever), so why is they're a difference?


Because communicating with the dead has been shunned for centuries? Or maybe we just don't want to believe that somewhere someone's granny is roaming around an ancient building?


Hmm. I've been watching too much Kingdom Hospital.

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Jon sorry for the confusion. I have to see why you don't want to be connected with COTCPI, their fakes are much worse than yours are. But even yours are very obvious to even the untrained eye.


This picture for instance...






I looked at it at a larger size. The big "orb" in the center is poorly done. You really let yourselves down with this. The anti-aliasing around the orb is too perfect too regulated. The chances of this happening naturally (even after you would have sized down the image for the screen) are almost of low as the chances of ghosts actually existing in the first place ;) It's clearly been done in Photoshop or some other photo editing software. But as i said, it's been done BADLY. Your other images are slightly better, i must admit i picked the most obvious one. But i think it follows that if you fake one, as the rest have a VERY similar feel (to the point that some orbs look suspiciously like they were re-used), I think we can assume you would have faked them all. Also the YPS image you put over the top of all your pictures, that put on using EXACTLY the same technique as the ORB's are... which came fist the chicken (logo) or the egg (orbs)?


Also it appears as if (after you resized them) before you put on the "orbs" you used some form of filter to make the original image (sans "orbs") look better. The tell tale signs are there, anti-aliasing round the main person in the image that just don't occur that regulated without a computer applying some form of digital enhancement. It's amazing the things you can tell from a digital image ;)


As for COTCPI, well their images are badly done. However they don't rely as heavily on "photochops" as you do, so we have to give them credit there. They actually use more traditional techniques for faking, but i have to say the image they use as their header is the WORST example of digitally modified fakery i have seen, even at the small size. It's size stops me showing how bad it is, but there should be no need, it just looks fake anyway.


paranormalst, you didn't answer my question, and you did show a total lack of knowledge about science and scientific methodology. What "photographic analysis machines" do you use? What's the name of the software? I notice these "EVP's" are a growing trend, audio is even easier to fake than images. So your asking us to believe that you have software that checks for patterns in the voice structure from those poor quality recordings and eliminates members of your team? You should sell that to the FBI, because when they verify that Bin Ladens voice is real or not they have a huge team of highly trained people, and much of the process is done by eye. Everybody who has ever used voice recognition software knows of bad it is, EVEN UNDER PERFECT CONDITIONS. So what software do you use to add in.. ahem I mean "clean up" the ghostly voices in your audio clips?


Where is the science? Where is the link to science you tout? All I see is "people felt colder", "they felt a presence" that's not scientific! There are some images on your site that look like they are supposed to be infra-red! badly faked normal photos to look like somebody's impression of what a infra-red photo looks like. Could you explain what those photos show, what the different images mean?

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As I said in the previous post, I will debate our methods of analysis and reasons for coming to the conclusions we do with anyone who is serious about the matter.


However I find your accusations totally inappropriate and I have spoken to lecturers of the local Universities and they have the courtesy to allow our views. You are accusing us of faking our material which is all fine and well as you are allowed your opinion, however I find people that make these sort of comments seem to hide behind namehandles on sites and I see with no great surprise you are one of them.


Unless you are willing to say who you are, where you are, wheter you belong to an organisation or have one of your own together with your credentials for making these accusations, I will not entering into discussion with you as I find that I have enough serious enquiries to deal with and I can't really be bothered to answer someone who doesn't have the balls to name himself so we can see who is doing the accusing.



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Going back to the original subject if I may ;), has anyone else got any good stories of ghosts in Sheffield? :o

I'd like to find out about haunted places where the public can readily get access. A lot of hauntings you hear about are of closed down buildings or private homes etc, the sort of places that people don't appreciate you wandering around in with a torch and a refrigerator temperature gauge!! :D

Also, I've always wondered why graveyards are supposed to be haunted. Personally if I was doomed to walk the earth for eternity, I wouldn't spend it in a creepy graveyard - I'd haunt somewhere fun - like a rollercoaster!!! ;):P:D:cool:

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I work for the government, my job is to discredit people like you, to hide the conspiracy to keep ghosts, UFO's and the afterlife quiet... we don't want the public to know... erm for some reason. Which of course is why there is no proof of ghosts, and that's why not a single scientist of credit (you will always find the odd nut who calls himself a scientist) gives any credence to this clap trap.


LOL. I am just me somebody who has seen enough fakes and photchops to know. Somebody who doesn't try to rip people off, help them delude themselves that ghost exist or there is anything that science cannot (at least in part) explain. I have looked in to these claims by people such as yourself, just on a personal level. You see many people believe there are many photo's and events that cannot be explained, but (and you should know this) not a single one has stood up to investigation.. but we know that there are people cuing up to fake these things. Personally I don't get it, what weird kick do you get out of it? You cannot make much money.


I am saying the material on the site is very clearly faked (as I said badly faked) I don't know who did those fakes, but who ever it is really shouldn't even own up to it! Seriously even amongst your kind (the paranormalists, or what ever you like to call yourselves) these would be classed as bad fakes. Individual pixel antialiasing (as seen in the photos) does not happen by accident. I could tell you much more about how it was done, but you have to give me something first, answer some questions.


paranormalist are you that unsure of what you are telling people, and your methods, that you won't even talk me about them on a message board? What do you have to loose? I promise I won't take up much of your time. Also which college is it that lets you teach you crap, just so the normal people know before they send their kids to this kind of college? What are your credentials? Where did you learn your art? Where would somebody go to learn these things? What are these things you do? And why so secretive?

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Funny but you say why am I secretive when you claim to work for a government department but won't tell me your name. Besides which as you should know the governement keep an eye on the internet so I hope for your sake you just haven't lost yourself your job for disclosing this fact.


That apart I have spoken to the other Co-founders and we would like to invite you along to one of our investigations.


Please drop us an e-mail to enquiries@cotcpi.co.uk so we can let you know details etc...





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I've got a photograph that has these 'orbs' on it that I took in an old Victorian building that was having drilling survey work done. It's the middle of the day, inside and away from direct sunlight or artificial light, no flash... but they are there.


It wasn't a ghost investigation, just a normal record photo, but we noticed the 'orbs' afterwards.


Now of course I have no connection to benefit in faking anything, but what was interesting was that the engineer reported her things going missing, and turning up where she hadn't put them and also, the drilling rig broke 3 times which is VERY unusual.


Even more strange was that I forwarded the pic to a 'paranormal investigator' and didn't even get a response... weird!


Anyone fancy checking out the pic to see what you make of it?

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