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Sim card where credit doesn't expire. Only for occasional use.


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I want a sim card that I can use in a mobile phone - but I only really need it for incoming calls. I'd rather not spend any money on credit, but if I have to, I want to spend as little as possible. I also do not want the credit to run out if the phone is not used.


Could anyone please reccommend a suitable sim card?



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Just a normal pay as you go SIM should do... only any 'bonus' credit tends to expire. Most networks require you to top up at least once every 6 months and make at least one outgoing call in that time too though, I've had a few old SIMs cut off now as I haven't used them for 6months+.


Hubby used to never top up and use my contract phone for outgoing and his PAYG for incoming. They cut him off (Vodafone) after 6 months, I rang them to ask why, and they said a a fiver top up every 6 months would stop it happening again,and reconnected it for him.



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Most pay as you go providers will supply a card for what you want. it's keeping it live that sometimes catches people out. If you get a card make sure you read the small print about use (like making one call/text every so often).


Personally speaking Vodafone cut me off under this condition and then refused to reconnect the card even though there was £10 credit on it. When it later came to renewing a contract for my business mobiles guess which supplier found the going really really tough?

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No hidden charges, no contracts, no expiry of SIM, no expiry of credit




No expiry of credit

We give you at least 400 days between each trip and even then we will contact you to make sure that you no longer use the SIM as we dont really want to lose a customer! We have never cut a customer off from our service in over 4yrs! Please refer to our Terms and Conditions clause 3.8.

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