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  1. My friend is interested in signing up to an unlimited energy plan for her gas and electric. She used to be with Staywarm, but that's gone now, so she's looking for a suitable replacement where she doesn't have to worry about putting the heating on. I'm not sure there are any out there. I know there are fixed price tariffs, but as for unlimited, I'm not sure. Could anyone help please? Thanks
  2. Your behaviour is completely unacceptable and furthermore, completely unbefitting of a Moderator. And by the way, I'm not a feminist - I'm a man.
  3. I also have a significant number of issues with the OP. But there's no point taking the time to respond to them, because we all know what's going to happen.
  4. Lol. Hopefully that will shut that lot up, up there. ^^^ There are some VERY unhappy people around on this forum who spread their bile as if it's the only opinion that counts. People, get out more.
  5. You've only had it two weeks? I'd be paying the seller a visit.
  6. I bought some long, tall ones from IKEA and had them fitted - along with electric sockets.
  7. We couldn't establish liability - hence the garage agreeing to go halves. I'm just glad I've got it back. Relieved doesn't begin to cover it.
  8. Hello people, It turns out that the problem was the quantity adjuster. It has now been replaced at a cost of £710-00. After negotiations, the garage have agreed to meet me halfway - and I pick the car up today. I just wanted to come back on and thank you all for your input. It was genuinely much appreciated. Thank you.
  9. They've already acknowledged it a few times, in front of people I've taken down there. I've also known them for many years. They'd have to look me directly in the face and bareface lie - which to be honest, I don't think they'd do. I mentioned earlier in the thread that this process is made far more difficult because of the fact that I actually like the guys. I'm trying not to get too heavy with them - but I have to be honest and say that my patience is wearing very thin.
  10. I agree. And I think an independant engineer's report migt have to be considered. As it stands, they say a new fuel pump will be £1700-£2000 for a new one that could be bought and fitted within one day - and 5,6,7 hundred pounds for it to be taken out, sent away and reconditioned. The reconditioned price was only a guesstimate. But I don't think I should pay for it regardless. The car was running brilliantly until it went into the garage. Like I said earlier, it may well come to that. Thanks for your help. It's a 2003. 2.5Tdi sports convertible. Thanks, Roots. Had they not mentioned anything I wouldn't have been any the wiser - but the fact they told me about it when I went to collect the car after it's service - and made a big deal out of it tells me there's something they weren't telling me. 'If you smell fuel you must stop the car immediately and come back to us' Why say that after a routine service? ---------- Post added 16-04-2013 at 11:30 ---------- ---------- Post added 16-04-2013 at 11:31 ---------- ---------- Post added 16-04-2013 at 11:32 ----------
  11. Thank you for all your responses, this stuff is really helping. I was given the mobile Audi diagnostic expert's number by my regular garage the other day and they suggested I call him directly to find out what was happening (as it's now been over two weeks since my car was first serviced/died - although easter friday and b/h monday are included in this) I tried calling the expert's number several times and left messages, but I've heard nothing back. As far as I'm concerned, the garage I took it to were supposed to be sorting it all out for me. He told me not to worry and they'd sort all the transfer of the car and the work being done - and that 'we could talk money afterwards'. It would now appear, after having talked to several people - and two independant mechanics, that my regular garage are very likely to have caused the problem by either not pre-programming the ecu ahead of the scheduled diesel filter change, or getting air into the fuel system which has rendered the fuel pump ineffective. The other option is that the 'seal' they changed that they referred to when I when to collect the car after it's service could also have been responsible for getting air into the fuel system - again rendering the pump useless. Why else would they tell me to come back immediately if I smelled fuel?? Either way, everyone I have spoken to has all said the same thing: the garage is responsible for putting it right. On balance, I have to agree. So I intend to speak to them this next week. I really hope it doesn't get messy, as I actually like the guys - and have been going there for 20 years - but if it has to, then it has to. Again, thanks to each and every one of you. Your help is very much appreciated. Keep it coming guys, it is all helping.
  12. It's an Audi 2.5Tdi Sports convertible. I understand that things fail - but fifteen minutes after picking it up from a service which could have resulted in air being put in the system and it dies? I must stress again that the car was running beautifully before it went into the garage. It only went in for a routine service. My car died and wouldn't start again. It turned over but wouldn't fire. We had to be recovered from the motorway. Apparently it's been diagnostically tested and it's coming up with the fuel pump. Issue now is...who should pay? The car is now with someone I don't know - as it was moved there by my garage. They're the ones that, I assume, will be completing the work. The people I have the issue with are the garage where it was first taken. I have reason to believe that they're the ones responsible for the problem.
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