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Replacing Hard Drive - Macbook


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Can any Mac techies advise on the best place to purchase a new hard disk for my Macbook (2007). It needs replacing, which I am happy to do myself but not sure of the best place to begin looking for a new one.



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Get rid of them mechanical disks and put in a SSD and turn that mac into a flying machine. Ebuyer are doing 120gb OCZ agility 3 for less then £55.


I put one in my 2006 Mac mini and it rocks !



All you do is either clone the HDD with a clone tool ( that's what I did ). I popped the SSD into an external caddy and in about 1/2 hour swapped them over and job done. If you do use SSD you will need to enable TRIM , that is an option only enabled on genuine apple SSD HDD's. the TRIM makes the disk faster and can be enabled with 3rd party patch that's a small .dgm file.


I've done it and its brill !


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Here's a video showing my mac booting in a few seconds with an SSD




It's upgraded


2ghtz C2D from 1.6ghtz

3gb ram from 512mb

120gb SSD from 60gb

Bluray-RW from cdrw

Firmware 1.1 to 2.1


1tb Iomega maxmini time machine

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