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  1. I couldn't see a link but the ones at Dunelm say dust-mite resistant. They don't appear to be the barrier type ones which is what he needs. The ones he need seal dust-mites in so that he can't breathe in their feces. They are made from a very tight-knit fabric which is what keeps them in because they can't escape. If they have ones which are dust-mite proof then I will take a look.
  2. He just had an appointment letter through and he will be going back in October. She also sent a separate letter to both us and his GP outlining his condition and treatments, in which she says that she may suggest paste bandages if they wet wrapping doesn't help. It also mentions the tablets he has which is Montelukast, she has said in the letter that it is ongoing so hopefully we won't have issues with being re-prescribed it. She prescribed Oilatum as the other stuff is too thick and blocks the pores. She said that the GP had made is worse by prescribing Zeroderm. It is related to the type of eczema he has - his eczema although dry is some patches is more blotchy generally. Not the dry/cracked type of eczema. The covers we have for his bed zip up, the entire mattress is encased and doesn't tuck in. Same with the duvet cover - it is basically a bag with a zip that the duvet goes inside. I'm getting rid of more and more stuff, like opening shelving where I can. I hope once I have got rid of the majority of the "dust traps" like ornaments, then combined with the damp dusting, special covers and other measures I'm hoping he eczema will calm down. I know it will never end in the sense that you can't eradicate dust-mites completely. The only thing to do is to keep on top of them but I hope that as we get the house less cluttered it will get easier. I will apply for the DLA for him. At the moment because he is on the strong medication he's not been waking through the night, but after Monday we need to go down the Eumovate for 7 days and then after Eumovate 2-3 days a week. It is highly likely that once we do that it will be back to the night wakings unless the wet wrapping works (I really hope they do!). I'm going to keep writing a diary over the next few weeks and write down how many times at night he gets up and how long it takes to settle him down. I've never timed it in the past but it felt like we were up for a couple of hours each night. Simply because once he woke up itching he could not get back to sleep because of the itching and there is nothing we can could do to stop it itching. Several times we would just had to leave him and tell him to just try to go back to sleep because we needed sleep too.
  3. Sorry if I miss something as there is a lot to respond to. These are the covers which the specialist recommended: https://www.allergybestbuys.co.uk/products/naturelle-bedding-set She said they must be the sort of covers which encase the mattress, duvet etc. The topper style ones, which are a lot cheaper, are no good unfortunately. We use Asda non-bio gel. To fair we never noticed a difference with clothing/washing powder/diet. Never saw a pattern to flair-ups. The specialist said that because we have never noticed any sort of pattern it might be a dust-mite allergy - so she wasn't surprised when our eldest came back positive. Although she was surprised about how high the result was. A severe allergy is classed as 17.5 on the scale, going from 0 (no allergy) upwards. So a score of over a 100 is really, really severe. I think if it wasn't so bad we could get away with cheaper anti-allergy covers. Your skin can get used to the creams so that they become less effective, he's had several over the last 6 months so I don't think that is an issue. He is using fuibit (not sure how that is spelt) currently and for another week. Then he is to drop down to eumovate once a day for a week and down to 2/3 times a week after that. He is currently using oilatum. The really greasy one is is no longer using I think that was zeroderm. He has used zerobase, diprobase, E45 in the past. Once he is down to the eumovate we will be doing the wet wrapping. We will need to but the eumovate on in the morning, because you can't put that on before wet wrapping. So wet wrapping after coating him in oilatum. The yellow staining one is Trimovate, but he has stopped using that for now. He has had a couple of different cream for around his eyes. And he takes a tablet, begins with M, which is normally given to asthma suffers this is to calm down his allergic reaction. The only thing left his in room is the bunk bed and two chest of drawers. The problem is I can't fit anything more into the little bedroom. Which is why I'm going to try to give him the box room and just but a bed in there. For now this is proving difficult as I'm trying to rearrange the house to find room for my husband to have a home office (needs this for work). I bought a new vacuum last year (Bosch with no hepa filter - I didn't know back then he had a dustmite allergy) but luckily I kept the old Dyson, it must be over 10 years old now but still working. He has anti-bacterial shower-wash he uses and oilatum bath ointment (or whatever it is called - there is just too many to remember) doesn't use soap, etc. We had to have a major cull of soft-toys. It is possible to wash them on high heat, freeze them or dry on a high heat in a tumble dryer. But there was just too many for me to keep clean all the time - of course lots of tears ensued because as a 6 year he couldn't understand why I was getting rid of his toys. He is becoming increasing fed up with the routine of creams - refusing to let me put it on and getting upset because his little brother doesn't have eczema and "it's not fair". He is getting more and more upset about his eczema and I find it's hard to explain it to him.
  4. Thank you. I'm going to start a diary. He has had it since he was a baby. He will need to go to the GP in a couple of weeks anyway to get some more cream so I will ask about the bed wetting (assuming we can get an appointment on the day, can't pre-book as they are full up). Although I've read eczema can improve with age (usually when they get to adolescence) I suspect with him having such severe allergies I doubt it will go away completely.
  5. He seen the specialist at the children's hospital 3 times now and need to go back again (waiting for appointment time to come through). Not sure how long he will have to keep going back, I'm guessing at this point it may be a regular thing especially with the repeated skin infections and such a severe allergy. I read some people claiming DLA for their child, is this what you are talking about or something else? I've looked at the DLA and I feel bad applying for that as all though he has extra needs I'm not sure they are that bad really.
  6. My eldest has had bad eczema since he was a baby with it just getting progressively worse. GP’s weren’t overly helpful, and it was only when my mother-in-law mentioned that he should see a specialist did I even know there was specialists. I assumed that the GPs were doing the best by him and would have referred him for extra treatments, etc if it was needed. So about 6 months ago we saw a specialist for the first time she said it is really severe and tested him for dust-mite and hayfever. He came back allergic to both and even though she didn’t test him she said because his reaction to dust-mites being so high it is likely that he is allergic to other airborne allergies (so no pets). She said most people who are allergic score around 15-20, my eldest’s score was over a 100 – that puts him into the highest bracket. I have started cleaning more regular than normal including damp dusting, getting rid of curtains. We can’t afford to replace carpets yet or to put up roller blinds (they are the best because they are the easiest to keep clean). Also doing a lot more washing so will likely need a tumble dryer in the winter to keep up. Will need to get rid of the open shelving in rooms too but again this will have to wait. I’m finding it hard work, exhausting at times to do the normal house work plus the extra cleaning. I suffered with PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) during both my pregnancies, my hips have never gone back to how there were and excessive walk/exercising and lifting heavy stuff causes pain in my hips. I have read of some people hovering twice a day - I just don't think I could manage that or have time. Really my eldest son should be out of the room whilst I hover and for 2 hours after - this isn't always easy. He needs to have various creams on, anti-bacterial wash and takes tablets to help with his allergies. These have ruined several clothes, one cream was like Vaseline so everything got “clogged” up with this cream. Another we have had stains clothes/be sheets yellow. He can often wake up during the night effecting both our and his sleep. When it’s bad he will scratch and scratch, and we can be putting creams on throughout the night. We have just been prescribed wet wraps so I’m hoping this may help – these will need re-wetting during the night so they don’t dry out though but as we haven’t tried them yet I don’t know how often this will need doing. He scratches until he bleeds which gets on his bed sheets, (comes into out bed when wakes up at night) our bed sheets and causes him to have skin infections - the battle with the skin infection has been going on for over a year. It started when a GP refused to give him steroid cream and every since then it just keeps coming back. Because of the dust mites and blood on sheets, bed sheets need regular washing. Also to try to stop an infection taking hold with dirty sheets. The current heat is not helping, so we have bought a fan to try to keep him cool. My parents have offered to buy a dehumidifier, dust-mites like dark humid areas. This also has an air purifier built in. Not sure how much it will help but buying a dehumidifier is one of the recommendations. We hoping to somehow re-arrange the house, so he can have his own room. The specialist said to clear his room out so he now as the bunk bed and the 2 chest of drawers in his and his little brother’s room. The small bedroom is used because my husband works from home so were going to have to find somewhere else for him to go. We were advised to purchase special dust-mite covers for his bed these were around £100 for the set. The problem is he keeps wetting the bed. He wears pull-ups but wets through, he has now done this for the 3rd night in a row. This means washing his normal bed covers, plus his special covers and waterproof mattress cover. Because I can only afford one set I have to get them all washed and dried in one day. Is there anyway the NHS would cover a second set? I’m guessing not because they wouldn’t cover the first, but I don’t know if anyone here knows anything about any sort of help? Sometimes he sleeps straight through until morning but other times he will wake up during the night and of course we can’t replace his dust-mite covers as we have no spare set. In the morning it takes at least 2 loads of washing to clean all the sheets, more depending on what is wet. I don’t work right now so I can do the washing during the day ready for that night. I soak the sheets in eucalyptus solution before washing too to kill off the dust-mites. If I was working I wouldn’t be able to wash all his bed sheets before bedtime. He is now 6, so I’m not sure if the NHS could help with his bed wetting? I’m sure I read somewhere that until there 7 or 8 they won’t do anything and if they do the first option will be to recommend I hire a bed wetting alarm from a local clinic if they have one or if not buy one. But this will have to wait until he is not sharing a room as it could wake up his little brother. With him having eczema and being wet at night he can end up being sore too. I don’t expect the NHS/government to pay for everything but I'm wondering if there is any sort of help to pay for things, even if it is just a small amount to go towards another set of sheets?
  7. I don't know. I wouldn't actually be creating the app just the visuals. Perhaps I should have explained that. It is a Graphic Design course so we don't do coding, app building, etc. All about the design side not back-end, however we are still required to do research into whether there is an audience for what it is we are proposing. However, showing how much it would cost in the real world isn't part of this. The project has to have some sort of critical or cultural or professional concern. I decided to look at the issue of parks and the problems they face. I have taken a look at the app, thanks geared. Thanks tinfoilhat.
  8. As I mentioned the council are putting money into parks. I've not heard or not can I find the App Love Green Streets, could you provide a link? I can't find it on the Play store. The website could be about the Friends Groups only instead. The website could provides resources/ways of sharing resources between groups. Another idea I had was aiming the app at children, ones between ages of 10-16 to encourage they to get more involved in. They wouldn't be likely to use an app aimed at adults who want to report pot holes/street lighting issues but they might report problems that affect parks as this age group is one of the main users of parks.
  9. I’m currently studying for a BA in Graphic Design and I’m doing some research for a project. Sheffield is investing in it's Parks, with Norfolk Park the first to receive funding. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/council-to-invest-1-5m-in-sheffield-s-parks-1-8422494 There are issues with Vandalism in parks alongside other problems such as flytipping, broken equipment and littering. What I don’t want to see happen is money to be invested in parks and then for them to be destroyed by vandals. CCTV would help prevent some of this but I feel that an app which could be used to report vandalism and other park issues would help. The app would use GPS to locate you and you could upload photos of problem you want to report, you could also add a phone number or email address so the council can respond. This app could also be used to notify residents of events occurring in Sheffield parks, for example fayres or if part of the park needs to be closed due to maintenance. The idea of the app would be that both the council and Sheffield residents help to keep Sheffield’s park in good condition. By keeping residents updated/dealing with problems residents feel that the council is actively responding and are therefore more likely to use the app. Also if vandals feel they are being watched they may be less likely to act (allotments in parks deter vandals/anti-social behaviour). Another issue I have been reading about is “Friends” groups. For example, Friends of Millhouses park. Although these benefit some parks they can have a negative effect on others. Different Friends groups end up competing for funding so some parks lose out. “...the London Borough of Camden said that expecting volunteers to come forward proactively could mean that it can be some of the perhaps better-off areas, which have more confidence and skills, that step up to the plate. Deprived communities without those skills do not necessarily have the capacity”. Bringing friends groups or other community groups into competition in this way, whether for funding, or for support from the local authority, therefore risks deepening the inequalities between our communities by contributing to the emergence of a multi-tier parks system.” “Fields in Trust noted that lobbying and campaigns could result in areas with active campaigns securing protections for their parks, while “other neighbourhoods, equally in need, are less well-served”. The Department of Landscape at Sheffield University argued this can deepen inequalities, as “invariably the better-resourced group with stronger capacity (often on the richer side of town/ the city) will fare better”.” - https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201617/cmselect/cmcomloc/45/45.pdf The suggestion from the report linked above is to have a representative to oversee all the groups or for friend’s groups to create a forum, so for example Friends of Sheffield Parks and local park groups could share resources and knowledge via this forum. Therefore, I was thinking about a website which would run alongside the app – so Sheffield residents could report issues as with the app but also have a website with guides – for example where to apply for funding, who to contact at the council. Help with organising groups such as gardening groups, or litter picking events. Also an online forum, links to local groups websites, etc. So different Friends could come together via the website to share information, resources, etc. I’m looking for any feedback on these ideas. Would you use an app/website like this? Would you like to see different features on the app? Any other ideas/feedback?
  10. I'm not overly familiar with apprenticeships but I'm currently studying at The Sheffield College and I know they offer them, in partnership with businesses of course. Did you approach a college/training provider like this? If not maybe they could help. Maybe have a read of this: http://www.sheffcol.ac.uk/employers Would be a cheaper option for you and at least providing a young person with experience and a qualification rather than outsourcing to another country.
  11. If not then she would need to build a portfolio. It is possible to get a graphic Design job without a formal education, if I remember right this guy did: https://www.youtube.com/user/ceklewis But he did have a portfolio and if I remember right this was in London. However, I would guess that it is more difficult as you would need to teach yourself. Design agencies often hire freelancers but as a freelancer you might be expected to be experienced/work on your own. So there may not be much in the way of junior freelancing work. I'm currently doing a Graphic Design Top-Up Degree, I have a HND in Graphic Design. I can get student loan to cover tuition fees and living costs. But living costs aren't any extra than what a normal student would get (I don't get anything extra for child costs for example). I get £8000 ish because I'm no longer living with my parents. https://www.gov.uk/student-finance/new-fulltime-students It is also cheaper, about £6000 a year, tuition fees because I'm studying through The Sheffield College. The course is accredited by Sheffield Hallam but the college run it. Through Sheffield Hallam itself it would be over £9000 a year. The Open University is another option, cheaper and she could do it around work. It has been hard for me, I have two small children 3 and 5. I just can't commit the same amount of time I did when I was doing the HND in my teens. If she is going to do it and wants children (assuming she does not have them as you have not mentioned it) then doing it now before she has them will make things easier.
  12. The latest version of your site looks much better than the black version you had. I like that you add that bit about your clients - now they can't be confused with adverts. Also works better on mobile now - your company name stays at the top. But you said earlier that you have a re-direct in place. But you just have 3 separate websites. None of them re-direct.
  13. Not sure what you mean I don't like it, you were the one who for example argued about burden of proof after 6 months - not me. No strawman. You wrote You never said that you would provide evidence of a fault. You said in your last post "What I said was that (assuming you can prove it is a fault) that durability is part of the contract.." - except that you never did say that you would provide evidence of a fault in previous posts- you've only just added that after. You also wrote So you said they won't have to prove anything expect what a reasonable person would expect a TV to last more than a year, not they won't have to prove anything bar a fault and the fact that a reasonable person would expect it to last more than a year. So no strawman needed. I also worked on in IT, on front line support. And yes static build up can cause a PC not to power on.
  14. You come up on Google Maps for me but we are both in S5 so that explains why. I looked in Incognito mode in Chrome, just to make sure, and your site comes up on page 2 in Google for "window cleaner sheffield" and "sheffield window cleaner". I would get rid of this "We expect near perfect results with every clean." I can see what you are trying to say but some might see it has you will do a good clean but miss bits. Saying something like a thorough clean every time might work better. You might want to consider Wordpress as you get some nice templates for it. Your site looks dated but I'm guessing it is new? Something more update would be nice and also bigger pictures at the top would help - too much text. The first scrolling banner, I'm guessing that is companies you work with? But it doesn't say, at first I thought it was ads for B & M, a hairdresser, etc. The banner at the top with your company name goes to the bottom on a mobile. On a mobile the first thing you see is your Youtube link. I can never understand the whole DIY website approach, unless you know what you are doing of course. It wouldn't cost that much for someone to set up a Wordpress site and a nice template. Once a Wordpress site is set-up it is easy to edit it, so you wouldn't have to keep going back to a designer to make changes. The Atkin and Son website looks so much more professional. Your site sadly does not say professional to me.
  15. What evidence, if any, would you take to court with you Cyclone? Bear in mind a judge may have little to no knowledge of the workings of electrical items or any other items for that matter. Saying an item is faulty does not mean it is. For example a PC does not power up, does that mean it is faulty? No it could be a static build up. Discharge the static and it works fine. What about a washing machine that refuses to spin, does that mean it is faulty? No because the filter/sump could be blocked with a kiddies sock/bra wire/etc which means it can’t drain and therefore can’t spin. The law doesn’t set out how to provide evidence however Which suggest an independent engineer’s report is a good idea if you need an objective opinion. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-do-i-do-if-i-have-a-faulty-product CAB also recommend, if you decide to take a company to court, that “It's important to: • get an expert report if you think it'd help, eg with faulty goods (you'll need permission from the court first)”. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/taking-legal-action/small-claims/small-claims/ Of course you may not need a report you might rely on other evidence such as correspondence between parties, photos, videos, witnesses or other evidence. CAB states “set out your notes in date order, carefully explaining which documents you're using as evidence and what they prove” And “take along anything that you're using as evidence...” The word evidence is used more than once for a reason. So what would you do Cyclone, provide some form of evidence or not?
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