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Great photos from 1963

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Dont think anybody is denying that,you are welcome to show us some british ones.


I can tell you a story about the door of a boarding house being slammed in my face when I enquired about a room when we were doing some construction work adjacent to Heathrow airport. The lady thought I was Irish.


Still being mistaken for Irish was better than being seen as black. They were often greeted with signs outside boarding houses saying "Sorry no coloured people"


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Nobody said it wasn't, let's not turn this into a thread about race though eh !


I like the fact everyone is dressed so smart :D gotta love the old cars aswell


Yep! Smartly dressed smelling of tobacco smoke and Brut 69 or Old Spice. The women looked sharp too until you kissed them and got a mouthful of nicotine fumes


As for the old cars, junk on wheels most of them. Complete engine overhauls and cylinder rebores after 50K miles

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