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Found cat hillsborough


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For the last two days there has been a cat on the small side so maybe not that old trying to come in our house. It's of a friendly nature and just wanted to check no one is missing it we are in the central part of hillsborough any questions feel free to message will try uploading a pic tomorrow. It is currently sleeping in a sheltered spot on my garden with some old towels as my little boy is allergic to them.

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It may be microchipped, so perhaps take it to a vets or rescue centre where they can check for one and read it if its got one.






See also:






the holme lane vets scanned a stray for a microchip for us a couple of years back for free

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Sorry realised I d not put colour on. Took the cat to check for micro chip there wasn t one but they told me he was a he and was about 5 mths old with this information I managed to find the owners who live on my street! She had not been letting it out long which is why we d never seen it before and it doesn t usually venture on the front. My children are sad to see him go as he was playful but sure they ve entertained him enough that he ll come back for a visit x thanks for your help.

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