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  1. now pic on facebook sheffield pets lost and found
  2. Cat hanging round this evening, stole my cats food from in house. near baptist church area. Not one i recognise. pale tabby, ravenously hungry, raw areas on back feet, drooling thin at tail end- cou;ld have had rta. Does anyone heard of cat like this missing. I will try to see if chipped tomorrow if vets open if it comes back and I can catch it.
  3. plant sale walkley bank allotment society: first weekend may/first weekend june
  4. some plant sales advertised in here plus some stuff at heeley city farm and the organic garden at wortley. http://www.sheffieldenvironment.org/events/2019/5 dear moderators any chance the title of this thread couldn't be just plant fairs? it does run year to year. thanks
  5. It is that time again when groups in Sheffield celebrate the environment we live in. There is a programme of events across the city. Here is the website. http://www.sheffieldenvironment.org/events/2019/5 Let us know what you attended..
  6. Exactly - no way would any nurse or doctor behave like that. they'd be struck off. Uniforms are easy to buy. they are just overalls with a logo. tell the police
  7. It might be like a situation I had about 6 years ago. I was asked not to feed a neighbours cat. But the problem was he came through the catflap and ate my cats' food. His owner didn't believe me because they'd never had a catflap so he didn't know how to use one hhmmm. I would have quite liked him not to have eaten at my house. On the more serious note-hope you can stop your cat being fed elsewhere/eating out it must be a worry.
  8. Not nessacerily all are killers, a prediliction + environment = murderer or the lawyer representing them (glibbly) I thought sociopath and psychopath were pretty much interchangable terms.
  9. try your local allotment society if they have a shop
  10. There's been some really interesting articles//programmes and books on psycopathy over the past few years. A bit of a bell curve theory. and prediliction plus environment creating how they behave. how there are functioning psychopaths- favourite proffessions: CEO. Lawyer. Media (TV/radio) Salesperson. Surgeon. Journalist. Police officer. Clergy. and it all facinating and scarey (jon Ronson the psychopath test is a good and easy read if you like books)
  11. and A fairer society and investment in public services. Whilst I agree that society is unfair/weighted and discriminatory I think you are insulting the majority of 'poor' people who do not commit crime. Even the homeless/beggars/ people outside the system are not all commiting crime by a long stretch. and when they are bill arrears and occasiona petty shoplifting are crimes of poverety Certainly not beating people up repeatedly like the man thread was started about.
  12. Throw in the lidl store plan for Malin Bridge plus a new housing estate up Loxley and we'll have gridlock. Ah the joy...
  13. What area and what did you want delivering? Our allotment society will drop off odd bags of compost for members.
  14. Its Sheffield Environment weeks time again. This year running from 28 April into June. Loads of things to get involved in. Something for all ages. Link here http://www.sheffieldenvironment.org/events/2018/5 which things appeal to you?
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