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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew where the phone shop opposite asda, hillsborough has moved to or if they have just stopped trading thanks.
  2. I know this is going slightly off the mark but i can t believe they changed play area at rivelin only to then say it needs to be manned so its hardly ever open so then all kids end up in river!
  3. I live in the centre of Hillsborough. I understand that the traffic builds up from the other set of lights at the end of Rudyard road and the green lights that filter before this crossing are quite a way back. There is a light on the opposite side to where your driving though giving you time to hold back and sometimes i wonder if people notice this!. You can wait (before the hatched area) for the buses exiting forbes road. What i notice a lot is that a car will enter the hatched area and stop then the bus exits forbes road and the car will drive through the crossing. Whilst this is human error sometimes of drivers and pedestrians. It has happened so many times on this crossing. So much so i always tell my children not to use this particular one! they use the ones before. Just because there is human error involved does not mean you can say this crossing doesn t need looking at because clearly it does! i also notice many a car that drives out of b&m and straight through those lights at natwest too. As an adult i find it dangerous never mind the kids that often have to use some of these crossings to get to school!
  4. Did it actually happen on crossing as it looked to be just past it? either way its awful.
  5. I read that too in the sheffield star, really sad i have boys the same age. Every time they leave the house i say mind the roads! they sometimes walk down to that mcdonalds and i stress about that awful crossing nr Hillsborough bus station and i always tell them to walk along path at top of morrisons to avoid crossing road coming into morrisons at the bottom as roads are always really busy down here as they are everywhere now i m sure!. The kids think i m over the top but i think they know i mean well. My thoughts are with the family and friends of the boy involved.
  6. correct me if i m wrong but this incident wasn t on a roundabout was it? was it not below greenfield road? hope everyone is ok x
  7. A couple of yrs ago I was out downtown got talking to this quirky guy. Just chatted about normal stuff I remember he said he d just got back from somewhere abroad and I said lucky for some! I was enjoying the chat but my friends wanted to move on a month or so later I saw a pic of him my news feed with a friend of mine on fb I had to laugh cos I honestly think I asked what he did for a living!? I wouldn’t mind but he was a star of my time I had no clue I just chewed his ear off for bout 45 mins was normal enough with me x
  8. The lights coming into Hillsborough are a way back from the crossing near Rawson. If you go through these lights on green there is a light on the opposite side of the road as the road filters round. If this has change/ is about to change or there's a build up of traffic. You can safely hold back before the hatched area at the bottom of Forbes road this allows the traffic to flow from Forbes road and you not to go through crossing. Many people miss the light I think it's bad if you Don t know this area. I 've seen loads of near misses in Hillsborough but this crossing as caused a few problems over years so I think it needs looking at how it could be improved.
  9. I live round the corner and once had a car dumped across my drive so thought a similar thing could have happened here I called 101 they said they have been unable to contact the owner it's not reported stolen just its untaxed syp have contacted scc as they decided it's not causing enough obstruction to remove and as its now clamped it's down to them they said it also becomes a dvla issue. I think with parked cars other side and fact it's near bus stop on double yellows it is an obstruction.
  10. Theres a bloke i ve used twice he was great and up near u used to be in yellow pages very honest. Think it could be Clarke, martin 01142669396 mob:07773561489
  11. I was speaking to my other half and he d said it was all cordoned off round 7 when he went to work he thought he d seen a forensics tent behind garage but I suppose he could be mistaken nothing been on news yet.
  12. It only gets reported to police if someone was injured at the scene or you did not give details.otherwise it's all sorted through insurance.
  13. I m sure someone will prob put a link on to a picture but in the meantime if anyone's on Facebook her picture is on the sheffield online page
  14. Depending on where the car went next there is a camera somewhere up at top but Don t know if it catches road view.maybe mention time colour of car might jog someone's memory!
  15. This post is from December 2014. I 've seen a few online statuses about this but not heard anything around hillsborough from residents or anything I m from the local area.
  16. Around this time of year this happens a lot in Hillsborough, well probably everywhere! always seems to be on the run from now up to christmas. Another incident happened local not last week but the week before a lady had her purse stolen think in the centre of hillsborough the ladies who were chatting about it seemed to think they d seen her go to cashpoint. As for Morrison's at night it turns into a speedway the police used to be down there quite a bit but it seems to have died off a bit the police presance. To be honest they d need round clock surveillance if it's not one group of people it's another.
  17. Either way if yourlights were on green those lights would ve been on red to buses and trams. I d say she came through red light. the road signs are quite far back from the junction.
  18. I hope they r ok one of the boys i am told is à friend of my sons.
  19. My Kids attend this school on Top Of hill there Are no parking restrictions The restrictions apply outside The school To Keep The Kids safe. I Do agree Its a Bit Of a nightmare But this is mainly due To fact That no One wants To Give Way, no bloody patience witnessed It loses on this rd! ---------- Post added 26-12-2014 at 22:39 ---------- Loads sorry!
  20. I think this is on here somewhere sure I read it on here! Hope she's found safe soon x
  21. I didn t know the young man, but I m from the local area and was saddened to hear about this. It's an awful thing to happen in any family but he was especially young I m sure he ll be missed by lots of people thinking about his family xx
  22. Thé lights at the bottom of forbes rd Seem to cause problems. People coming from town see the green man well before the approach to forbes rd and think their safe to go. Theres often à julie up of traffic and theres an hatched area to Allow traffic through from forbes rd if lights change. THERE is another traffic light to show if theyve changed to your right nr fellas however i think people often miss this from what I have observed. I ve Lived in hillsborough 11 Yrs and theres been quite à few accidents on here over last few Yrs. NOT sure exactly where the accident occured today though. ---------- Post added 26-11-2014 at 14:28 ---------- SoRRY i meant green light not green man ---------- Post added 26-11-2014 at 14:30 ---------- Oh Crikey predictive text à build up of traffic may as well rewrite it!
  23. Pplough n old Horns bradfield have one tonight round 6 to 6.30 i think it starts
  24. We often went to town on sundays for this reason however last time we went had to pay it wasn t a pound though! But maybe they ve changed it. I far prefer town but don t see point in paying to park when meadowhalls free.
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