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  1. Thank you left loads ofq bedding out and food and water and little one left some enice smelling food out in the hope she would smell her way home. Fingers so tightly crossed that she shows up in the morning
  2. My daughters rabbit has escaped her home and we are trying to stay hopeful that we will find her before it is too late. She is a large pure grey rabbit ans was last seen on doe royd crescent. My little girl is heartbroken really dont want to think the worse yet. Thanks
  3. Reason for Rehome / Sale - please read description Time Scale – How Urgent? Quite urgent but will wait for right home Sale Amount £70 to assure good home Has the Dog been in Rescue NO Location s5 Age & Sex - male 11 year old Breed/ Mix - collie x KC Registered - no Approximate size - medium Exercise Needed - few hours as he is older Neutered & Micro chipped - Neutered and chipped Vaccinated & Wormed - recently done Live in / out - live in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - dogs ans cats but please read description Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - he is really scared of loud noises and busy environments. Temperament he is loving and sweet Good or Bad with Children - children Over 12 Dislike of Men or Women - no OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - read description please Travel OK in Car - yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - happy being left for long periods as long as exercised afterwards or before Destructive Behaviour - NO Barks - when people knock Pull on the lead - no Crate trained - isnt currently using but likes crates Housetrained - yes General Information you can share about the Dog. Alfie is a wonderfully loving well behaved dog. However we have noticed he is getting more and more nervous and stressed in our very busy house. When he gets scared he has snapped and with us having young children in the house we cant risk him having a bad turn. We have had him checked and his health is good from what vets have said. We have had plenty of messages of advice but.after weeks of talking we think he needs a quiet laid back retirement home, preferably with no dogs or a dog thats his age and just as lazy as him. We will keep him till we find the right home as this is a heartbreaking decision and I refuse to put him in a rescue as it wouldn't be fair on him. I will delete and judgemental messagea as this is heartbreaking as it is.
  4. Hey I'm just after some advice about access to abandoned historical buildings. Also known as an urban explorer i really want to gain access to some of these amazing buildings before they are knocked down or gone forever. I want to be able to take photos and videos for people to look at in the future. HOWEVER i do no want to go onto properties without permission as i would like to keep a clear criminal record lol. I know this makes it a hell of a lot harder but i'm hoping any owners of these properties who i do manage to get in touch with, will appreciate that i want to gain permission and not just trespass. Does anyone know of any abandoned buildings, with contacts so i can request permission. Or how i could possibly find out the current owners and how to contact them in regards to going and taking some photos at these places. Thanks
  5. Can people tell me what their experience of bedlington whippet puppies are like, ie their temperaments. We had a pointer puppy and she was a nightmare to point she would not listen to commands and was biting quite hard...she has grown up now with a friend and is still temperamental. We have the chance of having a young bedlington cross and I have done a bit of research from what I have read they are not in the same realm as a pointer puppy but wondered if anyone has had experience. Thanks in advance
  6. Species of animal to be rehomed - Rats Rehome or Sale? Sale to ensure good home NOT FOOD Reason for Rehome / Sale - two of the rats need a lot of handling as they will bite they have bit me a s my going daughter who is no scared of handling them. One rat is lovely and soft but they cannot be separated. Handled easily with gloves. Sale Amount - 50 the cage is large and expensive Location - parson cross Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? - yes pets at home. Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Hamish can he is quite lovely. One of them is nervous but rarely nipsand one of them is quite bitey Age & Sex males about 1 year Breed/ Mix. mix Colour/coat type. Two white one white with very back Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Read above Live in / out - currently in cage Neutered/spayed - unknown Chipped -no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - we believe the one that bites may possibly be blind or partially blind hence the biting pets at home never confirmed this. Temperament Hamish is sweet and loving, Harry is nervous but not too bad but Henry needs to be ha fled a lot more. Vaccinated & Wormed - as far as I know from what I was told Any special knowledge needed - may be not to a home with children could do with someone who isn't frightened about the occasional nip and wouldn't mind themhaving some free running General Information you can share - we just want the best life for theserats. To be honest we are so confused as to why this has happened when a met them initially my daughter and I were taken by them immediately but since gettig.then home they are not the same. My little girl is really upset by all of it as she just wanted some animals to love her like she loved then. I will provide a free plastic small animal carrier. I am negotiable on the price as long as I can garuntee a good.home the cage is large and expensive and is a good home for them. Please do not judge.
  7. Thought it was more houses but looks like a shop or something does anyone know what it might be. Next to parson cross library.
  8. We are a family that have plenty of experience with rats and are looking to rehome a rat or a few rats. We lost our beloved pet rat just after christmas due to old age but we have an empty space we want to fill now. My little girl adores rats and misses her old rat with a passion. We have a HUUUUUUUGEEE cage so there will be plenty of space for the right one/ones. Please message if you think you can help. kind regards ---------- Post added 04-09-2016 at 13:44 ---------- We have added 3 beautiful new boys to our family Thanks everyone for looking.
  9. hi wanting to take my daughter to do something for easter on easter sunday and wondered if anyone could tell me of any family pubs or clubs or anything that have something planned for that sunday. Don't want to travel too far out, we are at Parson cross and bus services will be rubbish but we will travel out on main routes and walk a bit too Thank you ---------- Post added 27-03-2016 at 10:21 ---------- Can't believe i didn't get one response on here out of 300 odd views.
  10. My little girl is 6 years old. She is normally fit and well, can do athletics and other physical activities without a problem. HOWEVER every time she get an illness whether it be a cold or a sniffle or sickness etc, she always gets a horrible dry persistent hacking cough....to the point it keeps her awake at night and she gips. I've took her to the doctors countless times and get the same answer no matter WHAT she gets poorly with...its a viral infection its viral. It is so distressing hearing her coughing and unable to sleep and not being able to ease it with anything at all. My heart tells me that something isn't right, she gets this with every illness, i feel like doctors won't listen to me. I think i want to get her tested for Asthma but wanted to see if any other parents have had the same experience. Thanks
  11. Looking for a few "family friendly" (NO SWEARING SONGS) singers or bands that could play for a Charity event on the 8th August in Sheffield. Ideally something nice and acoustic or something not too loud to scare the kids as it is a family fun day. This is for charity so it would be a donation of time, in return we can offer you the publicity that would come with being involved in a charity event. Please pm if you can help with details and a link to a sample of some music. Thank you
  12. Ok thank you for all your help, would have been nice if they were worth even a little bit but hey ho gonna stick them and my shakespeare complete works on ebay see what they fetch if anything. Thanks
  13. I have aquired two very very old books. From what i have seen they appear to be part of a set but are could be quite sought after. I am wondering if anyone has any antique book knowledge please. The first is Quentin Durward Waverly novels, border edition, 250 illustrations edited by Andrew Lang. Published in 1900 in really good condition. The second is Through Forest and Fire, Nelson's travel series- has a message inside To George Morley a gift from the baptist sunday school on 25th december 1915 but this it was published 1906. Any ideas? Thank you
  14. Vegas1 please don't lose your patience with me i am speaking to virgin, national rail and net rail direct and i am just telling you what i have been told. 1 virgin rails will not change my tickets so i can travel with other rail networks on that day 2 virgin have stated three times now if the strike goes ahead there will be no virgin trains from sheffield. 3. they have told me i can get a train from york on that morning, but i cannot GET to york via trains from sheffield, and i can get to motherwell but there are NO trains from motherwell. This is everything they have told me, they have said i can travel sunday no extra cost and i am planning on getting them to email me that as a confirmation for if we do have to travel sunday and the strike goes ahead. I am stressed i have had this trip planned for a long time and a lot of people were going to be let down. I am hoping it is sorted now so i thank you to everyone for your help x
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