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Quotes for loft conversion

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hi all

im a 1st time user on the sheffield forum but as you all seem a friendly and approachable bunch i thought i would post a question regarding some home improvements i have planned, so far i have started the process and am having plans drawn up for a rear single story extension (permitted development) no need for planning, this will be aproximately 3m x 5.5m and a loft conversion, however im pretty confused by some of the quotes im recieving, the loft conversion seems to come back with the same results price wise but the extension to the rear has come back with some suprising results to say the least, on a quick scour of the internet a rough estimate for extension work seem to be around 1k per square meter which i originally budgeted for ie around the 15k mark, my question is does this seem unrealistic, i have budgeted for bi-folds and would add these on to any quotes given, any advice offered would be greatly appreciated, although i dont want to get fleeced and spend over budget i am also concerned that a quote thats too cheap gets my alarm bells ringing,many thanks in advance.


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Hi Jonny, I did the same extension at home around 8 years ago and it cost me £15k back then (no bi folds though).

I've just completed a full loft conversion with bi folds (3m wide) and they cost me about £2500.

Obviously the price will depend on the spec. Its also very difficult to price ground work as you'll probably not know how deep you'll need to dig foundations. I had to go down 7 foot !!!!!

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many thanks for the replies, and thankyou to paul and craig for the pm,s very helpful and informative, i would have replied via pm but as is stated i cannot due to limited posts, another query was i recently had a builder say that he didnt really need plans to start the work as he knew what was required ie what work was to be carried out, now am i missing something here, if no plans are necessary to start the work then why spend the best part of a grand to submit to the council etc??

any clarification on this would be much appreciated.

btw re pm,s and quotes i still havent settled on a builder so may be in touch regarding this in the near future, once again many thanks

jon :)

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