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  1. for anyone looking for a different but excellent day out I would recommend this to anyone! entertaining, exciting and all the exercise your body can take (y) https://www.facebook.com/events/785072031512431/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular
  2. More of a question rather than an answer but when apply for a drop curb I was lead to believe that if there is a BT pole or lamp post within a meter of the drive opening then the application would be refused! If this is true then i would imagine the drive came after the pole and without consent.
  3. do you not have a spare key? one without the hob! if so the cheapest way is to just tape the fob to the spare key.
  4. Ply the floor with a minimum off 9mm Ply wood, fix it every 125mm at least and then use a good brand fast flex latex adhesive.
  5. you really would need people to come and quote there are far to many variables. We would be happy to come and quote but we are busy working on other projects until late July/ early August. Regards Paul
  6. so as not to worry the op to much I think it is also far to say that there has been and still are many other brands on the market other than the brand Artex its self that never contained Asbestos.
  7. Artex still contained traces of asbestos untill it was banned in 2002. I personally would get it skimmed and a lick of paint.
  8. Happy to give you a free no obligations quote. If you Pm me your email I will get back to you. Thanks PAul
  9. Hi Happy to come and give you a free no obligations quote. Please call on 079431729011 Regards Paul
  10. as long as you get a waste transfer note when they remove your rubbish with there reg numbers on whats it matter what the web site looks like. I think its some one cornering a gap in the market and lets face it its got to be worth 132 quid a year the green council bid is 60 quid for a months! Good on them I say.
  11. also if it is of a newer type it will also be adjustable but there are so many on the market now a days it would be hard to talk you through it, the best thing you can do to start is to lift the lid of the cistern and check visually that the water level is sitting around two thirds full and then when you flush it should almost fully empty if not you will need to either adjust you in let if there is not enough water in before you flush or if it does not fully empty then you will need to adjust the siphon.
  12. Jeff is in the right area the last one we finished a month ago was 32k, I just had a quick tot up in my head and got 37k but obviously this is talking telephone numbers need to see the property and a day or so to sort a real quote. Regards Paul
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