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Irony in the article!


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This made me smile, especially when I got to the bit that states:


A campaigning group, called Safari Users Against Google's Secret Tracking, has been set up on Facebook ...!



That was my first thought when I read of it.


It's rather ironic that StalkStalk is reporting on it as well. ;)

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Talk about irony, I recieved this email today, from someone wanting to make my website look better on mobile phones (personal details blanked out, the best bit enlarged)...




I was just having a good look at XXXXXXXXX.com on my mobile phone, but I wasn't able to view it all that well. Your website is really nice but it was hard to get around and pull up any info because I had to zoom in and scroll around a lot.


Most people I know use their mobile phones to search for local services so I've put together a page where you can see what the issue is as a lot of potential customers will have the same problem.


It'll show what your website looks like on a phone and what a fully mobile optimised website looks like....




I actually build mobile websites that are optimised to be viewed really easily on mobile phones and we have some awesome prices going on right now! Everyone who asks for a quote gets a free QR code which can be used on all your promotional material for your customers.


Kind regards,




0800 XXX XXXX"

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