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  1. Perhaps you can explain why you think that indicates that the UK's representatives in the EU were against the new rules.
  2. Conspicuous by it's absence in that report is the part UK politicians played in enabling legislation for the changes in standards. If UK politicians had voted against it you'd think an anti-EU site would be crowing about the EU imposing changes on the UK against our wishes. The fact that they don't implies that this is yet again another example of Brexiters blaming the EU for something that the UK supported.
  3. Did you actually read the original post? This wasn't two colleagues sharing a bit of banter, it was a superior telling off a subordinate. If it had just been a bit of banter the subordinate should have been able to respond in kind. How do you think doing so would have gone down if the subordinate in the OP had done so in this instance?
  4. It's useful for the government because it allows them to say they are doing something to help those who've lost their jobs because of Covid. Whether it is of any practical use in helping the newly unemployment in finding work is irrelevant.
  5. Corbyn's position on how he wanted Brexit to turn out, renegotiate the Tory deal to be closer to the EU, was consistent with the referendum result. Don't forget, the referendum did not define what Brexit would look like and the Leave campaigns were assiduous about not defining it so people would project what they wanted onto it and be more likely to vote for it. A Norway style deal would have honoured the result of the referendum. There never was one true Brexit that everyone who voted leave supported, only that we no longer be members of the EU. Ultimately it was blocked by people wanting a different sort of Brexit from that negotiated - i.e. the ERG blocking May's deal.
  6. And in news that will surprise nobody with more than a handful of brain cells to rub together: Brexit travel permits designed to avoid 7,000-lorry jams come January depends on software that won't be finished till April.
  7. NHS England is even planning covid-free hospitals during a second wave. Some hospitals in England to be kept Covid-free in second wave
  8. As well as a border down the Irish Sea, it looks like we'll be getting one in Kent - Lorry drivers will face de-facto Brexit border in Kent, Gove confirms. This is only necessary because of the government's failure to prepare for us actually leaving the EU.
  9. I'm not going to sink the point, as I was the one who made it, but I will put it in a bit of context. I was only responding to the 'air resistance is negligible' argument. If you factor in the reduced travel time of 70 vs 60, the difference in total emissions would be about 17%.
  10. And what happens when Boris tries to get a trade deal with the US? It's worth noting that the provisional one we've negotiated with Japan gives them 80% of the benefits - it's easy to get a trade deal when it's so one sided. The US is likely to drive an even harder bargain - especially if Donald "America First" Trump is still in charge.
  11. At both those speeds almost all the effort is in overcoming air resistance, which is proportional to velocity squared. So travelling at 70 requires about 36% more effort than travelling at 60 does. It would be a very strange engine that could produce 36% more power output for a marginal increase in fuel consumption.
  12. In the latest episode of "Republicans Don't Listen to the Lyrics", Trump plays Fortunate Son at a rally. No prizes for guessing whether they'd got approval for playing the song.
  13. The government's hands will be tied over NI if we don't get a deal with the EU and fall back on WTO terms. The WTO rules state that you have to treat everyone you trade with on WTO terms equally. That means if the UK choses not to perform border checks on goods coming from the EU to the UK (via RoI to NI), they can't perform them on goods coming to the UK from anyone else we trade with under WTO terms. Now the WTO doesn't actively enforce it's rules, it waits for one of it's member countries to complain it's being treated unfairly - but without a deal that will include most countries after the end of this year and the chances of no countries complaining are vanishingly small. So what would you prefer, a border between NI and RoI with a return to the troubles or no borders with anyone?
  14. Piers is a full on conspiracy theorist hanging out with people such as David Icke - Anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine and anti-mask protesters crowd London's Trafalgar Square. He's already been handed a £10,000 fine for his part in that demonstration in London.
  15. Here's the Beeb report for those who can't access the FT version. Trying to go back on deals you've negotiated - that looks so good for a country that's about to try getting trade deals with many countries around the world. Every future trade deal will have a clause saying 'any ambiguity will be in favour of the country that isn't the UK' to stop attempts at this type of shenanigans. Boris is willing to risk the peace in NI to avoid upsetting the rabid brexiters. With Scottish elections coming up next year, Nicola Sturgeon must be delighted. The latter two points make breakup of the UK that more likely.
  16. What knowledge? As Australian PM he didn't do any of the negotiating. Even the deals that came to fruition whilst he was PM were staffed and largely negotiated before he became PM. Before becoming PM his background had not been trade related - he was never a trade minister, only holding domestic portfolios, and even during his 2 years as PM he focussed on domestic issues. He simply doesn't have relevant knowledge or experience.
  17. Trump is so desperate to prove mail-in voting rife with fraud that he's encouraging his supporters to commit fraud by voting twice! It would be supremely ironic if so many of his supporters in North Carolina take up his suggestion, get found out and have their votes not counted that he loses the state and hence the election (NC is one of the swing states).
  18. I replied to the second part of your post because I could see where you were going with this. Trying to control urban fox populations by culling doesn't work: There is of course another side to urban foxes and pest control.
  19. There's plenty of evidence of hunts building artificial earths (and so encouraging foxes) to undermine any argument that it's for pest control.
  20. Have the Tories been infiltrated by the Revolutionary Communist Party? Not quite as astonishing as the title I've given that link implies:-
  21. A load of nonsense by the look of it.
  22. Two reports from the time to back up that: Brexit could jeopardise peace in Europe, Cameron warns Boris Johnson: Brexit would not cause World War Three in Europe
  23. New poll shows Conservatives have lost 26% lead over Labour in 5 months. As it's an Observer, which is a Sunday paper, report rather than The Guardian, it looks like a pre-announcement before the main article tomorrow. The report and polling data are now available on the Opinium site.
  24. It is for anyone in one of the minor parties. It would immediately be followed by "The first past the post system means that's not going to happen whilst you're in your current party so which one are going to move to?"
  25. If you were a developer, would you abandon or make expensive changes to your plans or just wait a few weeks until the rules have changed and resubmit the same application?
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