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  1. An entry for the "haven't got a clue what they are doing" department: Push for civil servants to return to office backfires as DfE runs out of desks. After pressure from Jacob Rees-Mogg to get civil servants back to their offices, Nadhim Zahawi ordered staff to spend 80% of their time in offices. One small problem: He didn't even know over of his staff typically work from home and the department no longer had space for 80% of them to be in the office at the same time. Would it have been too hard to check?
  2. Did you read the article you linked to? From that it's difficult to maintain that it was her who did the initiating.
  3. If all Tory MPs who might fit the description of the one arrested (apart from the arrested one) release coded messages indicating that it wasn't them, it will identify the arrested MP. Fabricant's coded message not only identifies that it wasn't him, it puts pressure on other Tory MPs to do the same which is means it will be easier to identify the arrested MP. He's effectively told people to look for who doesn't turn up to see who the MP is. That is why Tory central office have given him such a telling off for his message.
  4. For fans of 1980's computer games:
  5. Were that the case, the Thatcher fans who reported the supposed egging it would be guilty of wasting police time.
  6. It's not just you. I have to use the Stylus browser extension so I can enforce high contrast text[1] on web sites that think turning things low contrast is cool. Most people aren't capable of writing the CSS stylesheet codes to do that though. Web developers can't pick colours that suit everyone and so should display anything that could be considered the main text of the site in the colours the user has configured in their browser preferences. That way everyone has an easy way configuring a set of colours that suits them. [1] For anyone interested in that plugin, this works on sheffieldforum.co.uk .ipsType_richText { color: rgba(0,0,0) !important; }
  7. Do keep up, we've done the Azov battalion multiple times. If you are really interested in Nazis in this conflict, check out Putin's Wagner Group and their founder with the Waffen SS insignia tattoos. As cuttsie says, Putin hasn't invaded Russia because of this. They do make a useful fake justification for telling the easily lead though.
  8. It's perfectly possible to 'move on' without thinking someone should be celebrated.
  9. You ought to put your glasses on - both to read what people actually wrote and to see who actually made the comments. Your inability to understand why other people don't genuflect at the mere mention of Thatcher's name aside, what do you think those behind the statue would have done if the first two places they tried to get it erected had both turned them down?
  10. Is it even an exaggeration? They couldn't get it placed at their preferred location. They went looking for alternative sites and what we are assuming to be their first alternative location accepted it. I doubt they'd have given up looking for alternative locations if Grantham had said no too.
  11. Quibble about that if you like. The substantive point of my post, which even Westie agrees with, was that the statue was not intended to be placed in Grantham.
  12. That might be an exaggeration but it was certainly intended that the statue be placed in Westminster, not in Grantham.
  13. The statue was never intended to be placed in Grantham. They built it and assumed, having already built it, they'd be able to place it in Westminster. When Westminster Council refused them planning permission, they went hawking it round the country and persuaded Grantham to accept it. The Tory controlled Grantham Council wanted to misuse public funds to erect it - resulting in obvious objections. Eventually they raise enough money from private donations to fund it. Statues of politician are always erected for political reasons.
  14. Quite right, like investigating fraud by PPE suppliers during the pandemic - Police raid Baroness Mone’s mansion in £200m PPE contract inquiry
  15. Because it is at worst a minor annoyance, not the major issue you are trying to portray it to be. Even the article you linked to and are making such a big deal out of ends with: Food wise, vegetarians have far more to worry about than whether they can get some cheese.
  16. Post 2 in this thread: Please don't call people who eat fish vegetarian (and don't let them refer to themselves as vegetarian either). It can cause problems for people who really are vegetarian.
  17. The Rayner thing faded from the news after it resulted in events that were even more embarrassing to the Tories. It lead to women Tory MPs meeting to discuss sexism and misogyny they experienced and that lead to the revelation about the Tory MP watching porn in the commons and that resulted in his subsequent resignation.
  18. I think you're right. I'll leave him to rant on into the night.
  19. You went on Air France and were fed vegetables in tomato sauce. It sounds like that classic French dish ratatouille. It's entirely unsurprising that the French would choose to serve ratatouille as the vegan option on their national airline.
  20. Your wife eats fish. She's not even a vegetarian, let alone a typical one. All the self confessed vegetarians on this thread are happy with restaurants supplying a vegan option as they only non omnivore dish. Some vegetarians might be annoyed at it but the vast majority aren't. In my experience of being a veggie for 35 years I've never met one who was bothered by it.
  21. In the same way that most omnivores don't feel a need to have meat as part of every meal they eat, most vegetarians don't feel a need to have dairy/eggs as part of every meal they eat. It's quite clear you don't have a clue what vegetarians actually do eat and are making assumptions from your own, "never been that keen on vegetables" perspective. Perhaps you should find out what typical vegetarians actually do eat rather than getting worked up on their behalf about something that they really aren't that bothered about.
  22. I agree with this. Most veggies eat a lot of vegan food anyway. It's certainly better than the days when you had to hunt around for anything you could eat.
  23. He's just getting ready to claim Starmer was only not given an PFN because of the pressure he put on the Durham police.
  24. Indeed. We had a constitutional monarchy at the time, to not sign it would have been to disobey parliament. "Man signs bit of paper to avoid losing job, and possibly head" isn't the ringing endorsement of abolishing slavery Westie tried to imply.
  25. I think Westie's referring to Pope Benedict resigning when popes normally don't. Given Benedict's actions in covering up child sexual abuse by priests was becoming an increasing embarrassment to the church I suspect he was given the choice of jump or be pushed. Tim Minchin wrote a song about him. I won't link to it as it's a bit sweary and this is a family friendly forum but those interested can find it easily enough.
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