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  1. That's certainly true - White supremacists pose as Antifa online, call for violence.
  2. True. He just described his actions that broke the rules whilst claiming they didn't.
  3. It still doesn't solve the long term issues surrounding the plant. Nissan pondering 'three options' from Brexit as it plots future of Sunderland plant Maybe they'll end up doing what Sony did with their TV manufacturing plant in South Wales - turn it into a contract manufacturer for other people's products. Ford don't build cars in the UK, it might be better for them to have cars built in a Nissan factory rather than go to the expense of building a whole new plant themselves? There are also the rumours of them taking on work for Renault. There are probably other car manufacturers in a similar situation. The point is, the business model the Sunderland plant currently operates under, building cars just for Nissan, isn't sustainable with the sort of Brexit it looks like we are getting. If we don't keep close enough to the EU and Nissan can't come up with an alternative business plan that does work, the plant's future isn't guaranteed regardless of how much they invest now.
  4. It doesn't fit in with the it's not because of Brexit they are moving everything back to Japan narrative either. ;) As one of the world's most modern and productive car plants it was never going to be shut down just after Brexit. The real test will be what happens when the plant's equipment get old and tired and needs replacing. Nissan are obviously focusing on elsewhere and whilst Renault might take up some of Nissan's spare capacity for now, I can't see them investing heavily in a UK plant when they have sites in the EU. Whilst this announcement is good for Sunderland for now, it doesn't really give an indication what might happen in the long term.
  5. Trump draft order could expose Twitter and Facebook to more lawsuits He obviously doesn't realise the consequences of doing that. Making Twitter, Facebook, etc. responsible for what people post on their sites will force them to remove (not just label with fact checks) much of what he posts and the sources of all the alt.right crap he reposts.
  6. We don't need to define the word tolerant - there are dictionaries for that. If you mean that Islam advocates mutual tolerance with other religions (and not just Abrahamic ones), you should say so. What is your view of it's position on apostasy and atheism?
  7. Being tolerant of the other Abrahamic religions but not of non Abrahamic religions is not being tolerant.
  8. This is the really stupid thing. Boris wouldn't have even had to sack him, just say he's been given an apology which he'd accepted.
  9. Meanwhile discrepancies have been found between Cummings's statement and his wife's earlier account in her column in the Spectator. Not only that, his claim in his statement to have written about coronaviruses last year turns out to be he altered a blog post from last year on 14th April this year (the day he claims he returned from his trip to Durham). Now I know you don't care about him lying to the public but the above implies he has lied to the PM as well, which even you might think is something political advisers shouldn't do.
  10. That's all it would be though, an excuse. Not a reason. Then they can wear face masks and other PPE. Do they really need to get close to each other though? It would certainly make it easier, and be less likely to leave an evidence trail, for the whips to bully/cajole/whatever MPs into following the party line and the I can see that the MPs that like the social aspects and the cheap bars/restaurants or even just behaving boorishly in to commons debates would prefer it to be open. The technophobes would like it too. But I'm having trouble thinking of parliamentary business that can't be done via video conference. That lack of PPE is a scandal isn't it. I'm not so sure it is that important. How many dead MPs do you think it's worth to have a crowded PMQs?
  11. Are you hoping someone will say yes so that you can say it's OK for Cummings to break the rules because he needs to do lots of stuff too? I very much doubt Boris would put the needs of his country ahead of his own in the way some other leaders have - Dutch PM Mark Rutte did not visit dying mother due to Covid-19 restrictions.
  12. If you'd read my post more carefully you'd have noticed that I said he didn't have a reason to do that. Just to be clear, since you seem to be having comprehension problems, I was suggesting that any inheritance would not be a reason for his actions - quite the opposite to what you are claiming.
  13. There's been no indication that any of Cummings's immediate family where in a group classed as vulnerable. Travelling to those elderly parents, who where vulnerable because of their ages, in those circumstances seems perverse. It's not like he's short of money and wants to hasten the arrival any inheritance that might be coming his way in the future.
  14. It's not just about you, it's about everybody. It's better that 10 people can socially distance than one person can and the rest have to cram together.
  15. I don't believe most people care if it's a political point scoring exercise but will see it as the 'elite' thinking rules only apply to little people. A section of the population will see it as an excuse to ignore the lockdown restrictions leading to further spread of the virus and more deaths. Perhaps his earlier contact with Cummings gave him a true measure of the man before the rest of us could form a proper opinion about him.
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