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  1. You misspelled "Because despite wanting to leave for decades, the leave campaigners hadn't given any thought at all into the practicalities of doing so."
  2. Then I can only conclude you don't understand why they do it.
  3. I think that Halibut, as a Corbyn supporter, is just trying to denigrate the Lib Dems as he sees them as a threat. The fact is that both Labour and the Conservatives do better electorally when they are more centrist - under our current electoral system it's the centrist voters that cause us to flip from one to the other. With both Labour and the Conservatives heading off to the extremes, it's inevitable that the Lib Dems will do better. If we had an electoral system that reflected the views of the population rather than reinforcing a two party system that change would be permanent.
  4. Lots of people don't connect their "smart" TVs to the internet because TV manufacturers seem to think that you buying a product from them gives them the right to spy on you. Search for "smart tv spying" for more details. You might be happy with encouraging surveillance capitalism, with companies routinely monitoring everything you do, some of us think differently.
  5. It's not the old teletext from pre-digital days. It's the news/weather/etc. via the red button. I'll be annoyed to see it go as I use it quite a bit. The Beeb seem to be assuming everyone is either constantly online these days or has the time to watch the rolling news channel for 15 minutes until the next weather forecast comes round.
  6. Even before the referendum vote it was obvious to anyone with half a brain that the EU was never going to let brexit undermine the single market. Unfortunately our brexit secretary is still trying to get the EU to agree to it with his claims we can leave and postpone sorting out the alternative to the Northern Ireland backstop until the end of 2020. The EU haven't fallen for all the previous attempts to undermine the single market and they aren't going to fall for this one.
  7. SD is standard definition - i.e. not HD. That about 2Gb figure is the raw, over the air, figure. It's possible your recorder processed the files to make them smaller. You'll need to check to get the exact figures.
  8. More than 20 years ago, note it doesn't give an exact figure, would have been pretty close to when first Blair became PM and the conditions of the hospital could easily have been a legacy from the previous Conservative administration. P.S. Don't forget to post links to where you quote things from so we can judge how sceptically to view them.
  9. This. You need to know how big the files are. Recorded from normal broadcast TV in HD they are about 2Gb per episode. If you recorded them in SD they would be smaller or if via Virgin or Sky, where the compression ratios might be different, they might be different sizes.
  10. By posting people's email addresses to the site without their knowledge or consent.
  11. Trump has a weight advantage - although he'd probably deny it.
  12. All those on here? It's irrelevant anyway. How or whether people voted in the 2016 referendum has no bearing on how or whether they are allowed to express their views on here. It won't affect their eligibility to vote in another referendum either.
  13. To be fair to gerbils, they probably are afraid of some A level physics - they are just not afraid of A level physics exams. This puts them ahead of those brexiters who are not even aware of the changes that brexit would bring.
  14. Because we'd be leaving the EU without a deal. Have you brexiters still not got your heads around the fact that leaving the EU means leaving all the EU's organisations. If we want continued involvement with Europol (and all the other EU organisations we will no longer be part of) as a third party we will have to negotiate that access. If we leave without a deal, we won't have negotiated any access.
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