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  1. The film supposedly starts of with Bond retired before being called in to deal with the villain. Double O numbers have been reused for different agents in previous films, I suspect that's what's happened here. There isn't going to be a Jane Bond. I'd even bet that Bond will be back as 007 by the end of the film.
  2. The phrase "caught after <some event>" does not necessarily mean "caught because of <some event>". From the BBC's report:
  3. That just means the cost of the adverts are spread over more items not that there is no effect on prices.
  4. Mel posted about the source of funding for adverts on non BBC channels , your reply referred to the funding of those adverts and my reply to you did also. Your post I've just quoted is you trying to divert away from where the money comes from to pay for adverts on TV. My question still stands, how is it a red herring?
  5. How is it a red herring? The money has to come from somewhere and for companies that's their customers.
  6. Donald Trump 'cancelled Iran strikes with planes in the air'
  7. If he had that good judgement he wouldn't have authorised it in the first place - remember he cancelled it after the planes were in the air. It sounds like Bolton/Pompeo convinced him he should launch a strike and calmer heads pointed out it was actually a really stupid idea and got him to stop it at the last moment.
  8. Buy an OO gauge set of some sort - they are the most widely available and cheapest way to get started. They come with everything you need and he can add to it if his interest develops. You can use the bits from a typical set aimed at older kids with the expensive high quality models aimed at retired baby boomers with too much money trying to relive their childhoods. ;) Anything from that Hornby Highland Rambler set upwards will do although something with a siding or two will provide more scope for interactivity.
  9. Let's get something clear about this case. The judge held both parties equally liable - the cyclist should have been ready for the pedestrian to suddenly walk into the road and the pedestrian shouldn't have walked into the road whilst looking at her phone. The reason the cyclist faces all the costs is because he doesn't believe in compo culture and so didn't put in a claim for compensation like the pedestrian did. If your going to use this incident to claim cyclists should have compulsory insurance you should claim that pedestrians should have it too.
  10. This page has some advice on what sort of set to buy. The opportunity for interactivity seems to be key - rather than a train just going round and round an oval. Note: Their recommended train sets are old models so you'll have to find current versions. There's the Hornby site and you could ask in somewhere like Rails of Sheffield on Chesterfield Road.
  11. They recorded it in their own home.
  12. GIMP is the open source equivalent of Photoshop.
  13. Here's a report of what happened for those who haven't seen it. Field himself has issued an unreserved apology and thinks he over-reacted.
  14. And there are some driving around with the eyesight of Mr Magoo and reaction times that would embarrass a sloth. Free bus passes are worth it to get these people to give up driving.
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