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  1. Google said to be taking steps to keep political campaign emails out of Gmail spam bin So the company with email filtering that benefits the Democrats is taking steps to prevent it doing so. What steps are the companies with email filtering that benefits the Republicans doing to prevent their systems from doing so?
  2. The paper also shows that Outlook and Yahoo marked Democrat emails as spam more than Republican ones. That fact seems to have escaped your attention. From the discussion section of the report:
  3. It's worth noting that the claim first appeared in Tory peer Lord Ashcroft's book.
  4. It's easy enough for those making claims to put "the majority who voted voted for ...". To put "the majority voted for ..." is to imply greater support for something than there was. If people don't want others to draw attention to that, then don't use language that exaggerates the support for something.
  5. As has been pointed out to you multiple times, the covid related deaths under Biden's watch are mainly of Trump supporters who haven't taken precautions against catching it and have not taken the vaccine because of Trump's politicisation of the issue during the rime he was president. Those deaths are down to Trump, not Biden. Still, even Fox News are starting to turn against him - Even Fox News analysts say Trump should face criminal charges as channel starts airing Jan 6 hearings
  6. Which means he knew that denying it would have been lying to the house and a resigning matter under the ministerial code - even the relaxed interpretation of it he recently announced.
  7. You need to pay more attention. The Guardian reported that The Times published and article and then withdrew it at the government's request.
  8. Might we be having another by-election soon? - Tory MP David Warburton faces parliamentary standards inquiry.
  9. Much as I hate to say Boris is right - he is on this. The Ukrainians have amply demonstrated just how vulnerable tanks are to weapons such as NLAWs. Tanks might have an advantage in wide open plains where people with NLAWs can't get near enough to use them but then they are sitting ducks to A10s and drone based weapons. The part of that quote you should be focusing on is "We have to recognise that the old concepts of fighting big tank battles on European land mass are over and there are other better things we should be investing in."
  10. More to the point, how keen are the right wing press to do the Tory Party's bidding rather than be independent organisations holding governments of all persuasions to account. For those wondering what this is about - Carrie Johnson and the curious case of the vanishing Times story.
  11. And now: Video: GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk led a Capitol tour the day before the January 6 attack, which included a man who took photos of stairwells and hallways and later made threats against Democratic lawmakers which contradicts claims made by Loudermilk and other republicans.
  12. This is going to trigger some people but... Rwanda asylum flight in doubt after 11th-hour ECHR intervention.
  13. Good grief. She wants to be PM too. Even if you can't get the pronunciation perfect, "tea shock" is a better approximation than "tea sock".
  14. Pretend links because they don't link to the source. The importance of providing links to the source of quotes has been explained to you before, as has the fact that people won't go hunting for your sources but just will assume you've selectively quoted out of context. I don't believe links to those six articles came from the first page of a single google search. Please demonstrate you are correct by providing the search terms you used to find them.
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