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  1. It would be ironic if, after losing the last election because he convinced his supporters not to use postal voting, Trump loses the next one because he convinced his supporters to not have the vaccine, resulting in them dying.
  2. States are divided into them.
  3. It would never be that. It's neither about him nor does it have him in it. Unless someone's produced some sycophantic biography about him it's probably the Home Alone film he appeared in.
  4. Any party that does a deal with extremists will have to consider the effect it will have on whether people will choose to vote for them in subsequent elections. FPTP allows the major parties to completely ignore the concerns significant proportions of the population have about some issues. El Cid's example of immigration is a classic one - if the Con and Lab parties had dealt with the issue rather than ignoring it, UKIP wouldn't have got further than arguing taxi drivers should wear uniforms.
  5. You could wrap the shredded paper in your newspapers. Not having newspapers, I put mine in cereal boxes. It seems to keep the shreddings from going everywhere.
  6. I'm sure he didn't compounded his recruitment problems when he threw his staff under a bus when the first lockdown happened. Who wouldn't want to work for such a caring employer.
  7. It would barely improve it at all since it would still so massively favour Labour and the Conservatives that we'd still effectively have a two party system.
  8. I'm guessing you mean this - Cabinet member robustly denies allegations of holding ‘Sheffield back’ and breaking code of conduct rules. It looks pretty damning if true.
  9. You only have to look at the way Boris has sailed though life, even before he became a politician, not being held accountable for his actions.
  10. Are they going to switch to Egyptian Hieroglyphs if people complain about that?
  11. Despite some Brexiters complaining about plans to subsume the UK into an EU army, defence has never been a EU competence and there's always been lots of cooperation between the UK and EU countries - whether that be though NATO or projects like the UK/German/Italian Tornado aircraft. BTW, if you're going to link to a Guardian article it's probably good form to link to the original on the Guardian site rather than some copy and pasted version on a news aggregator site that hasn't even bothered to change the internal links in the article.
  12. Germany, New Zealand and many other countries do fine without a first past the post system and manage to avoid the problems you mentioned that Israel has. The problems with Israel's elections are down to the Israelis, they are not inherent in the electoral system they use - let alone all other non FPTP systems. In 2015 UKIP got 12.6% of the votes but only 0.2% of the seats. Now don't you agree that the UK system could be better?
  13. I doubt the end of lockdown had anything to do with the timing. Doesn't every bride-to-be dream their wedding date will be hastily brought forward by more than a year to be used as a last minute political distraction?
  14. No. It was Boris's fault for buying them before ensuring they would be authorised. May's reasoning for not allowing them can be found here.
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