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  1. The Forbes list doesn't show that. The Forbes list's entry for Jeff Bezos alone shows that. As the BBC report noted: So, even allowing for you only considering the Forbes annual figures for Jeff Bezos, you are not comparing like with like. If you look at the Oxfam report methodology note available from this page you will see that Oxfam are comparing the top 10 people on 30/11/2021 with how those individuals were doing in March 2020. All in all, you haven't provided anything that indicates the Oxfam report is wrong.
  2. Nobody's denying he won in 2016 (under their system, whilst noting that Hillary got more votes). The issue is his provable repeated and frequent lying and his unwillingness to accept that he lost in the last election (both the popular vote and the electoral college).
  3. I agree some people do have a very unhealthy obsession with the former POTUS. They are even willing to undermine US democracy over it.
  4. What about all his other statues? What about the typefaces he designed? Gill Sans is one of the world's most widely used typefaces. There's a good article on the difficulties of staging exhibitions of Gill's (and other problematical artists') work in Eric Gill: can we separate the artist from the abuser?.
  5. By the Washington Post's fact checking thing trastrick seems such a fan of. Are you claiming Biden tells more lies than Trump? If so - [citation required].
  6. Not Biden's OK, just that Trump is several orders of magnitude worse.
  7. MPs, rightly, delegate admin activities to civil servants all the time - that's partly what civil servant are for. The PM sets the tone for what happens at No 10, if Boris had made it clear there were to be no parties during lockdown, there shouldn't have been any. You'll note the conspicuous absence of Tory MPs claiming parties were held against the PM wishes - a bit difficult when Boris attended at least one of them and we don't know how many other MPs attended them. The "anti Tory Mob" like the Royal Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association? Sutton Coldfield Tories vote unanimously against PM.
  8. See, it wasn't that hard. As you're now such a fan of the Washington Post's fact checking, here's a snippet from the biggest Pinocchios of Trump's last year as president:
  9. It's notable you can provide proper links to Faux News (on second attempt) but fail to do so to your Washington Post quote.
  10. Throwing members of the civil service under a bus in an attempt to save Boris is an incredibly short sighted move by the Conservatives. Do they really want every parliamentary civil servant recording every tiny little thing any member of the party says so they can potentially use it as a defence if an attempt is made to do the same to them?
  11. Democracy didn't end on 5th June 1975 and people were perfectly within their democratic rights to continue arguing we shouldn't be in the EC. Neither did it end on 23 June 2016 and people are still perfectly within their democratic rights to argue we shouldn't have left the EU. Seems it's you who need the lessons in our democracy. Meanwhile, perhaps the government should really get brexit done. Claiming they have whilst not having a viable solution to the most difficult bit doesn't really count.
  12. Has it occurred to you he'd probably been given that advice but decided to ignored it.
  13. Nonsense - TV producers love a good character. His programmes were shown on one of the old programmes channels (Yesterday?) not so long ago.
  14. The tread isn't meant to be exclusively pro royal either - look at the first three posts if you want to see an example of that. The thread's title is "The Royal Family Discussion Thread", that would not seem to exclude discussion of whether we should have a royal family.
  15. Too many links to Tory MPs and Gardiner's been liaising with the security services too long for it to work as a stick to beat the Labour Party with.
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