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  1. They wouldn't wear out anything like as quickly though so wouldn't cost so much to maintain. Trying to 'cure' congestion by pandering to people who are never going to try any other alternatives to their cars is futile - both in terms of effort and achieving results. Better to focus efforts on improving the journeys for those who are prepared to regularly leave the car behind.
  2. It's a standard tactic of conspiracy theorists - put known dodgy but true things next to dodgy but false claims and it makes the hard of thinking more likely to believe the latter.
  3. The British news channels[1] are there to report what is happening - not act as propaganda units for the government of the day. [1] GBNews are excluded from this group. Even one of their flagship presenters, Alastair Steward, said they were "a views channel not a news channel" on Radio 4's Any Questions.
  4. I thought the revisionist idea was to stop ignoring the Russian contribution in WW2 because we wouldn't have won (or it would have been very much harder) without the Red Army not they they would have won without us.
  5. Because they don't like sitting in the traffic jams. Changing how they are powered is about improving the environment as a whole which benefits everyone - including the owners of the cars. Both of these are about 70+ years of transport infrastructure designed around car use - making the alternatives more difficult. People don't have to travel long distances to get to work - they choose to. They could choose to move closer to work or choose to get a job closer to home. There are people who make choices that means they do not travel long distances to get to work, not it's not impossible. Public transport certainly should be improved but the first hurdle that needs to be got over is that those who's lifestyles are built around using their cars for everything are going to have to accept that the government is not going to base transport infrastructure primarily around them in the future.
  6. Whilst tops might be confused, everyone else objects to the way contracts for PPE were awarded (fast track access to those with links to Tory MPs, etc) rather than whether it was needed. It's not surprising that Boris would drop the mask mandate to make himself popular, his whole bumbling Boris public persona is about making himself popular. It's not like he has ever put great store on being consistent - for example you may remember he was a big fan of us being in the EU and even argued that Turkey should be allowed to join.
  7. The profits of that may be booked to the UK, it won't create any British jobs though. Rolls Royce are one of the potential suppliers of engines. They'll be up against stiff competition from US companies. It's too early to tell who will get the contracts for building them and anything else the Aussies will have to buy in. Australia haven't been a captive market for UK products for a very long time, they'll have no automatic preference for choosing UK products over US ones due to our historical links. It's at best premature to claim this as a massive win for UK businesses yet.
  8. He wouldn't have to start one for them to become involved.
  9. I was just railing (undoubtedly futilely) at the changing use of the word. Language changes, I know that, it would have been nice if a new term had been invented rather than misappropriating an existing one though. We now no longer have a word to describe holidaying at home. Given the additional expense of a UK holiday compared to a cheap Mediterranean one, particularly when the demand caused by lack of international travel has UK boosted prices, there's probably a useful discussion to be had about things you can do as day trips from Sheffield for those who can't afford the current inflated prices of UK holidays.
  10. Germany's GDP is about 1/3rd more than the UK's. "only a matter of time" is so vague it's meaningless - after all, it's only a matter of time before the heat death of the universe. They've watched what's happened to the UK?
  11. Neither of those are consequences of brexit. The Australian submarines deal is a direct result of the increase in China's military power in the region. The geopolitical shift in trade to the Asia Pacific region has been happening for decades - since well before the current millennium, let alone brexit. The shift in trade also hasn't even been away from just Europe (including the UK). The significance of the UK's recent attempts to boost trade with the AP region isn't even a rounding error in the AP trade figures - it simply hasn't got far enough[1] or been going long enough to have an appreciable effect. [1] We haven't joined the AP wide trade pact yet.
  12. A staycation is you holiday at home, maybe visiting local attractions, not you have a holiday away from your home but don't go abroad. Are you wanting to discuss people holidaying in the UK or people holidaying at home?
  13. The Canadian government doesn't dispute Letts's Canadian citizenship. Bangladesh claims Begum does not hold Bangladeshi citizenship and she'd face the death penalty if she entered the country. Personally, I think she's trying it on. She's shown no real remorse for what she's done. The western clothes are just a ruse to gain sympathy. That said, I don't think the UK should be able to dump the problem of inconvenient people on other countries - particularly those less able to deal with them than we are. It would be bad enough for Bangladesh but she's currently in a Kurdish detention centre and we don't even recognise them as having a state.
  14. Whilst a link to the article it came from would have been better, pausing the pointer over the image shows the URI of the image and you can see it's from the BBC news site. So it's BBC news front page->Politics->First article. Hardly forensic analysis.
  15. The image's URI is on the Beeb news site so it's not difficult to find. There's some video on that page too. If you can spot Gavin Williamson, we'll all agree it's from an old report. I know it's customary to have a "here's the new cabinet" photo op but would it really have been beyond them to have them all standing outside in the garden. It's not like the weather today would have made that unpleasant. Yes they'll all be vaccinated and are probably having regular PCR tests that most people/companies can't afford. Setting an example of what people without the resources of the state behind them should be doing would have been a good idea. As it is, it just looks like yet another example of one rule for the government, another for everyone else.
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