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  1. Looks like the cyclist is slipstreaming the scooter to me. Competitive cyclists do it to each other all the time - that's why they ride in groups. Following riders save about 1/3rd of the effort required to maintain the same speed if they were on their own.
  2. I'm not sure IDS wants to set a precedent where people who voted one way on brexit should be allowed to change their minds and overrule the result when they discover it wasn't what they thought they were voting for.
  3. It didn't say they hadn't received unsolicited mail before - just that they'd received some with the false name they'd used on the census form. If someone is concerned enough about personal data being sold from the census to use a false name they are likely to do the same thing with other organisations and might well have used the same false name before but forgotten about it.
  4. If you look really closely (possibly with the help of the second to last page of this document) you'll see that they are walking along the pavement holding their bike, not riding it. Motorists moaning about cyclists when they are not doing anything wrong - bloody typical. ;)
  5. How is that different from the protections that already exist in UK law provided by TUPE? That looks like it's just a clause to not use new trade deals as an excuse to remove existing protections.
  6. That image has been use a lot but it's very likely misleading. Telephoto lenses make things look closer together. Most of the media have been using photos that make it look like people are closer together than they really are.
  7. It looks like there may be more to this that just a push for diversity
  8. I think they started off with a cheap shot against Labour but once the media started mentioning the document was the one that made clear the NHS was on the table in trade negotiations with the US, which they obviously would rather people forget, they pivoted to emphasising the vaccine research angle. The whole thing about Russian hacking is definitely a desperate attempt to distract from what's in the report.
  9. Perhaps an indication of why they are so upset at Lewis is contained in this article:
  10. Boris's pick Chris Grayling fails to become chair of Intelligence and Security Committee. Well, that's a relief.
  11. Although asked about a public enquiry he only committed to an independent one according to the Beeb: The Guardian says independent enquiry too. That's all your left with when you haven't read the reports your being asked about.
  12. Hopefully those doing the investigation will keep an open mind about who was involved and not just presume that the Israeli secret service was and only look for evidence that might support that theory.
  13. The position seems to be that for virus spreading the amount of different people you come into contact with is significant rather than if you spend lots of time with the same small number of people. It's notable that people in customer facing roles have to wear face masks/shields, hide behind perspex screens, etc.
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