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  1. It's going to be a much smaller affair than previous ones. Watch out for Trump claiming more people turned up to his inauguration in 2016 and completely ignoring the impact the covid virus will have had on it.
  2. Those harmed by a Brexit they never wanted are under no moral obligation to spend their money to support those who voted Brexit. People stopped buying British cars in the 70's and 80's because they were inferior to the foreign ones. It was only due to Thatcher encouraging foreign car manufacturers to invest in this country with easy access to EU markets that we have a significant car industry at all now. Have you any evidence to back up your assertion that remain voters "care little to spend money on British goods"? Or even are less likely to spend on British goods than leave voters? I suggest you aim your 'buy British' campaign the leave voters before implying any Brexit failures are down to remain voters. Sorry, still considering the loss of market benefits of no longer being easily and cheaply able to export to a population of 446 million. Given the impact of that, you leavers have some gall trying to claim you support the interests of British businesses and those who think we'd be better of in the EU don't.
  3. We can't opt out of any future failure either. You'll be there though, expecting us to take a share of that.
  4. You'll be pleased to know I mainly eat UK cheese anyway. I even eat a UK produced brie because it's not made with animal rennet.
  5. Apart from trading access to fish for access to market - but that's out of favour at the moment. The government has made a big thing about investing in the UK fishing industry so it can take advantage of larger post Brexit quotas. If they don't solve the where to sell the catch problem that will just be a waste of time and money.
  6. Fair enough. Given the amount of wheat we import into this country for milling from places like Canada the term 'locally milled' sounded curiously specific.
  7. That would depend on where the wheat the 'locally milled flour' came from. Oh absolutely! But not worth betting the industry on it.
  8. The industry has been trying to persuade the British public to eat more than the handful of species they do for decades, even Hugh Fearlessly Eat-it-all had a go at convincing them, all to no avail. The British public stubbornly insists on eating largely foreign seafood whilst mainly shunning the local stuff and I doubt Brexit will change that.
  9. They won't have been files on a disc, they'll have been records in a continually updated database. Even if the disc sectors holding the data haven't been reused, finding out which sectors are part of what record is likely impossible. That said, they should have backups and, since it's a database, perhaps transaction logs too.
  10. From that article: So she doesn't want people to be afraid of being called out when they knowingly telling lies.
  11. It's entirely down to Trump failing to accept the result of the election and whipping up a mob in a doomed attempt to try and overturn the result.
  12. Whilst that's true, most people only see the price is that same and don't notice their bar of chocolate is now 90g not 100g or that there is more air in the same sized box holding the product - at least until they get home and realise they've been had. There's even a term for it - Shrinkflation.
  13. You probably shouldn't post on political issues if you are going to get such basic things wrong. Hillary got more votes than Trump and the only reason he got to be president was because of their electoral college system. That's just how the US system has worked since the Reagan years - there's little cross party legislation. Look at the way the Republicans behaved when Obama was president.
  14. Maybe he was bored of cycling in the local parks and wanted a change of scenery.
  15. That was after the UK PM had urgently told UK citizens living in the South East (i.e. near the channel ports) not to move about because he didn't know how serious the issue was. The French ban was lifted 2 days later after the UK had had chance to examine and assess the risks involved. Has a similarly urgent restriction of movement on French citizens living near Calais been applied by the French government?
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