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TENTENTEN Sheffield 10k


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Entries for the 2013 event have been open for a week now. Early Bird Entries on offer for the first 200.....around 50 left.


13th October 2013 this year.....http://www.sheffield10k.com


The event has received rave reviews the last few years and we have helped to raise £25k for Weston Park Hospital too which is great.

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I ran this event last year, and it was fantastic. Not a PB run, but a fantastic cross-country type of 10 km. The only issue I had with it was the lack of mile / km markers which made it difficult to judge my pace. Many others around me said the same, so I hope it is fixed this time around - also I was sure they had the markers up in 2011.

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Hi Chris, to your point its an interesting one...... the Km markers were all ready to be put out, but after a conversation with a high profile runner we decided to leave them out for last year due to the fact that on a trail run you shouldn't be looking at your watch too much to simply enjoy the flow of the run, plus the splits would be slightly misleading due to the variation in terrain etc.

Its an interesting point as there are a few ppl who would prefer to have the markers, so the jury is out as to whether we will reinstate for this year. We probably will.

However the route is 2 laps of 5k, and the top of the loop at approx 2.5k so even without the markers its not too hard to get a sense of where you are on the route.

The route isn't cross-country in the traditional sense - ie - mud and grass, its a route which attempts to create a blend and fusion of all the running surfaces available, so part of the course is on grass, roads, tarmac paths, and trails....basically something for everyone, and a great intro for beginners, and good fun for experts.

The vast majority have really loved this event to date..... we wouldn't do it if this wasn't the case :-)

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I haven't done this particular race, but I also like to have km markers for a 10k race. Anyhow, if you decide against them, you could have a large printed course map with the km markers on that. People can always check that out pre-race. Just a suggestion. :)

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Good suggestion Waldo ... we will have a large course map at registration this year ... makes sense to put the distance markers on this as a minimum... we shall probably be putting the distance markers up round the course too....after all we have them, we may as well use them.


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quick note - today is last day for early bird entries ... www.sheffield10k.com/registration.html

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We are just shy of 700 runners for this years event so far... so should fill the race in the few weeks (race day 13th Oct).....give it a go!


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Couple hundred spots left.... Only 10 days to go!!! :-)

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