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  1. Fabric Warehouse London Road/St Marys Gate
  2. A handly little tool for planning trips on public transport is http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com I use it all the time!!
  3. Well being the first passenger on the bus this morning as usual I have watched and heard every other passenger hand over their fares and seen that all so far hhas the rightmoney. TThen the first person to hand over a larger note was grunted at and had to say he would wait till he gets off for his change! I know the driver had enough change from just his takings this morning so what's that about?! strange
  4. Well how disappointing is tonight, have come out to Norfolk Arms in Ringinglow because this is one of only a few places hosting a bonfire event. Its a bonfire, no fireworks and a dangerous amount of cars all gridlocked on Ringinglow Road. There used to be The Stag, Netheredge Tavern, Chelsea Park in Nether Edge alone , all on bonfire night now there's nothing but Don Valley in Sheffield. Booo no fireworks for the niece tonight.
  5. Hello people, I am after some edible coloured paper sheets. I used to buy them from a sweetie shop when I was little but I'm struggling to think of which sweet shop would have them. Its for this weekend to shred to make into little nests for the kiddies easter treats!! Can anyone think of somewhere that sells it? I'm without a car so can't really be trailing about for hours on the busses trying places. Hobbycraft sell it but its a fiver for one sheet!!! Thanks
  6. I've just entered. This will be my first 10km (haven't even done a 5km)!! I said last year I wanted to challenge myself but didn't - so now there's no going back for this year. Excited!! And nervous.
  7. Yep I got woken too half hour ago by the lorry - now it's back again actually emptying the bins. No idea why it was here half hour ago?!
  8. My camera isn't very good so the colours aren't really showing and it's still in progress but nearly finished just got some little wooden buttons to add: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/WoVQ8uu9x3or4-OJp_YR2NMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink Oh and I'm Hunters Bar
  9. Shame you're out in Dronfield. I've just started my first baby bunting project so would be interested in coming along but just a bit too far. Good luck
  10. I found this place online that seemed to have a lower price range than most I contacted in Sheffield (without being that nasty thin felt stuff). http://www.flooring-megastore.co.uk they do samples
  11. Sorry, but isn't that like saying that anyone that goes for a carvery is incapable of cooking a decent sunday roast?
  12. No worries. His son is intolerant also, so it would be spot on. Obviously it might be a bit Italian haha!! But very tasty though.
  13. Totally! You can make a cracking dish with a bit of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sugar and stock and vary the other main ingredients like chili flakes and tomato paste. Get creative. ---------- Post added 12-01-2013 at 19:29 ---------- I think it goes a bit warped because they broil or boil it or whatever. Not too sure, try not to think about it too much. I do love the pork with the chinese marinade, that's something I've never attempted at home though. The crispy shredded beef and chicken makes me laugh from some places because it ends up just like hollow crispy batter - yeah well worth £4.50!!
  14. Marco Zerboni at Taste on Ecclesall Road does wheat and gluten free celebration cakes!
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