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Help going to ireland

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Hi all just wondering if u can help.... looking to surprise the wife with a trip to leprechaun museum in dublin n looking at whether it would be cheaper to go via ferry with the car or catching plane across. There is possibility I may have 2 kids going as well. If anyone can help me with this it would be appreciated

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There are advantages and disadvantages to each to be honest - the plane is usually cheaper and quicker, but with the ferry you can obviously take as much stuff as you can fit in the car (opposed to the usually rather pitiful plane baggage allowance) and you have your car to use when you are there. However, if you're only going to Dublin itself a car might not be all that useful and of course if you're only going for a short break you won't need much stuff.


If it were me for a short Dublin break I'd take the plane, although most of our Ireland trips we choose the ferry as we drive on elsewhere and go for a week or so.

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