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Paypal help please.

cherry red

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A question regarding my paypal account,The debit card that l used to open my paypal account is damaged and needs replacing,obviously my replacement card will have a new issue no,will l need to inform/alter my paypal account or does the card being replaced have no effect on my paypal account? Technical stuff is not my forte so simples answers please,Thanks

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As the last poster said, a replacement card will just be the same as the original card, it's only when your card is due to expire that the banks sometimes change the card details, but it only take a few minutes to sort out within your PP account...

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My cards have both recently been replaced due to expiring, and the card number hasn't changed as it used to do, just the dates and security code. I got an email from PP to tell me my cards were about to expire and I needed to update the details, but I never did and they seem to just work!



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