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  1. Hi Ghozer done all that and nothing . Uninstalled it etc. Nothing Don't know if this is related to an ISSUE but since the update. If l want to search ebay for something l type my search word(s).sometimes it it comes up with related suggestions below l click on one and a list of items comes up. However l cannot enter my own search word and press search .lf my search word doesn't appear below it just says search for a ebay username. But if l use the speak function and enter the same word it does list those items . say search words are "ian heaps" no suggestions appear and it says search username. However if l speak it a list of auctions related appear. ---------- Post added 12-12-2015 at 20:42 ---------- Im using a galaxy s3 running android 4.3 by the way maybe compatibility probs?
  2. Ghozer As an example say l want to put as my description " dr martens size 8" If l start to type it will come up with suggestions below ie dr martens size 1, size2 etc etc. If l click on one it goes on my title space. Thats it nothing else happens. My cursor just flashes at the end of the text.
  3. Ghozer The page l would be looking at is as follows from top to bottom. Sell an item............. X(to cancel and go back) Ebays suggestion of a title description a search icon at the side of the space for My description X(cancel description) barcode icon. if l type a description it comes up with suggestions below and if l click on one it is put up as My description, but thats as far l get. The search icon does nothing. The X's just take you back and the barcode becomes a scanner l suppose.
  4. My problem is since an ebay update a couple of months ago l can't figure out how to put up a listing on my ebay android app. I click on the Sell something today icon and it brings up a screen that says " enter a descriptive title blah blah" with eBays example above. Next to the title space is a barcode icon. My problem is after lve entered my description l can't get any further. There doesn't seem to be any other icons to press except the bar code one and a X to cancel and go back. Ive uninstalled the app a few times in case of a problem but still the same. Am l missing something obvious or could there be something wrong somewhere. Everything was a breeze before the update and you can't undo it. Any help appreciated.
  5. Hi l wonder if anyone could give me the heads up on getting into the car park? I know where the ground is l.d be coming off the parkway through rotherham not sure which road the entrance is on especially with the roadwork. Any help appreciated as l need to be there at 8am in rush hour. Thanks
  6. How do you post a pic or vid on a friends post? Is it possible. Not on their timeline which l can do but on an actual post . This is using my android phone by the way.
  7. Hi everyone l wonder if anyone can help l have received a job application online through my email as an attachment. When l open this attachment it opens as a PDF document.l thought l could just complete it and send it back as an email attachment but cant do that.so lve downloaded the pdf form filled it in and sent it to myself as an email attachment to test if it works but all l get is the blank application form as an attachment non of the filling in .l am totally thick on this area so any simple advice greatly appreciated thanks
  8. Figured it out . phone settings accounts add account google existing or new existing.. entered gmail address and password for my second gmail account. jeeezus thought technology made things easy thanks for the help peeps.
  9. Top left is my main account(my only one at the moment) my only other option is to go into settings...accounts....google..my gmail account is displayed but my only option is to remove thst account not to add one.l know it.ll be simple but its driving me barmy.
  10. Im using a galaxy s3 and after an update on my gmail apart from a new layout l dont seem tobe able to add another gmail account.lve looked at everything in gmail and on phone settings but no joy.ln the old version you could choose which ever account you had set up .l had two.and there was a place to add accounts in gmail itself.Any help appreciated thanks
  11. Called in for a takeaway from the rainbow takeaway on white lane gleadless yesterday,l;ve used it on and off for a few years,when l opened it up at home l couldn't believe that the chips l had to go with my meal were FROZEN,they used to be great from there,l rang up to complain,but was just told a lot of chinese takeaways use frozen chips now,l find that hard to believe,is it pretty common?,won't be going there again.
  12. How much does it cost to have a set of single vision lens fitted into my own frames? any help welcome thanks
  13. Thanks for the input folks,sent the seller a msg,so see how it goes.
  14. hi a question regarding a payment l made on Ebay today.I won an auction for an item and as soon as the auction ended l tried paying with paypal,but it has come up as PENDING,looking into this on my paypal account,for some reason the Seller is not Claiming the payment,this hasnt happened to me before,so just wondered if it happens all the time,or is it a bit fishy?,my winning bid was a bit low l think and was wondering if the seller has took the item off sale? They only have 2 feed backs so could it just be a mistake,help appreciated cheers.
  15. Not lately but a few years ago,not the cheapest quote l had,but very happy with the product and the fitters,hope this helps.
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